made for me… the beginning

This blog has been a work in progress for months now. One of my oldest friends, Tracy, and I have been wanting to start up blogs, but for one reason or another we never got around to it. We gave ourselves due dates and deadlines, and without fail we ignored them time and time again.

Today is the day we decided to stop talking and start doing.

So here I am, taking the first step – of many – in blogging all things me, my family, but mostly things that I’m passionate about. I work in the AR department of a reputable sporting goods company, so creativity in my line of work is minimal. I go in each day, do what’s required of me, and I go home at night feeling like there’s something missing…

I’ve always been a creative soul. I used to write, I was in Fine Arts, I feel in love with Art History… But I never went anywhere with any of those, and i slowly let my artistic side fall into the background. However, lately I’ve been feeling this part of me edge forward and cry out for attention. I suddenly felt the need to be artistic again and I have been slowly getting back into that state of mind.

I’m far from where I used to be. I find writing tedious and more of a chore than in the past. I don’t feel the urge to pick up a pencil and sketch out what I see in front of me, and all my art history books are just collecting dust. But i still have that inner feeling wanting to come out, so I have been finding other ways to feed it; baking, painting wine glasses, making wedding accessories for my friends…

And this will be the place that I “show off” what I’ve been up to. I have always wanted a way to express myself for people to see, but have never really known how to go about it. So a blog is a great way for you all to stay connected with me, and keep up with the workings of my creativeness…

…amanda leigh


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