Never judge a book by it’s cover…

After an impromptu family get-together last night at our place, I decided to give it a go at making macarons. I had been hearing more and more about them through a Facebook friend and I wanted to see if they were as temperamental as I had read up on.

I had all the ingredients necessary, and everything seemed to be going so well. My almonds grinded without a hitch, my egg whites formed the perfect peaks, my batter looked and felt like the right consistency. I was even able to make every macaron almost identical in size – well, as good as a first timer could make them of course.

I continuously went back to the oven to make sure that my macarons were forming their perfect feet – they were! – and that the tops were smooth and glossy – a success! – and even after I took them out of the over I could barely believe my eyes.

I was a natural! All the blogs I had read about them lied to me! These were not hard to make, either that or I must have a natural ability for them. My mind starts reeling about all the different recipes I searched and how I can start baking these all the time – they were so simple! – and how people will come running by the truck loads to buy them from me.

And half an hour later, after I’ve let them cool down, my dreams came crashing to a halt.

I went to take one off the baking sheet and all I held in my hand was the little perfectly smooth and glossy dome. The bottom half remain on my baking sheet, stuck to the bottom and under cooked.

Little did I know that these pesky little buggers would become the bane of my baking existance. I have tried three times since and have yet to perfect them. I will, however, not give up so quickly. So for now I leave my adventures in macarons on the back burner, I think I’ll stick to banana muffins for now…


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