A solution for wedding memorabilia!

Today is the first day in a while that it’s been nice here in town. We’ve been hit with a lot of rain lately and it has put a serious damper on the ‘happy summer vibes’ I’ve been desperately in need of. Today without a doubt is going to be gorgeous. Couldn’t ask for a better Monday to start off a long week at work.

With the wonderful weather, weddings begin. In just a fwe weeks my first wedding of the year will be here – and I’m very excited. If the bachelorette party we just had this past weekend for the bride means anything, that wedding is going to be one heck of a party. And with weddings come memorabilia.

I know, you’re probably thinking “what the heck does she mean?”, but trust me, I like to keep things from the weddings I attend to have a bit of a keepsake from the day. At one point last year, after we went to our very last wedding, I opened this box where I kept all these things and didn’t know what to do with everything.

And shortly thereafter, I was in the dollar store (seriously, what CAN’T you find there?) and I fell upon these frames and an idea hit me! I was going to make a type of ‘shadow’ box to hang on my walls which displayed a photo of the married couple, along with some of the mementos from their big day. My friends are very dear to me, all of them family, so showing off their happy day seemed like a no-brainer for me.

Most of them don’t have the picture of the couple in them just yet, I stil have to go and buy hooks to place on the back of the frames so I can hang them from the walls. Because I wanted these to last a long time on my wall, I opted to use a glue gun rather than normal glue just so they would stay put. Overall I think these are a great way for me to look back and remember what a great time was had. Once I get all of these mounted on my wall I’ll post a picture of that.

Here are the couples – displayed in order of when we attended them…

Bianca and Matt
Bianca and Matt had this gorgeous wedding that had a Mary Antoinette feel to it. Pearls, masks, ostrich feathers – it was a sight to see. And it was a great wedding to kick start my 2010 wedding season.
The bonbonieres were little Faberge eggs. How friggen cute is that? And the pewter flower was place card holder. Bianca did all the place cards and decorating herself. She’s awesome.

Caroline and Matt

Some weddings didn’t have as much stuff to sneak into my purse (or into my boyfriend’s jacket pockets), and at my best friend’s wedding (the photo frame above) I was too busy being a Maid of Honor to take anything. In this case I used these adorable stickers from the dollar store to compensate.
Junior and Vanessa
Another wedding where I was having too much fun running around. If you’ve ever wondered if someone wearing a dress to a wedding was capable of doing the worm on the dance floor, this would have been the wedding to answer that. Junior and Vanessa had the cutest place card holders ever:

Fortune cookies!!!! And their bonboniers were keyboard cleaners – so practical, keyboards are seriously full of dust all the time – that were either a little bride or a little groom.

Christine and Paul

Not only was this the wedding where two of my oldest friends took each others hands in marriage, but this was the wedding where I was able to create a headpiece for the bride. It was a really special day. And to top it all off there was a ton of stuff on the table to take!! I actually have and extra pumpkin and table number picture frame. I went a little wild, what can I say…

Tracy and Richard

Tracy and Richard are a very modern styled couple. Their wedding was at a venue which is basically set up as you see fit. Their space was filled with extra large balloons floating above the tables, test tubes holding orchids hung above the head table, and long rectangular tables took place of the traditional round ones. It was an awesome night – and again, I was busy not only being a bridesmaid, but chasing my very photobooth happy duaghter around (Tracy and Richard had a photobooth at their wedding and my daughter was the official button presser).

Now that I’m in the groove of things, I just need to go out and buy 4 more frames for this upcomming wedding season! Hurray for weddings!


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