Glasswear random idea #1

I enjoy taking a break from baking every once and a while – my stomach thanks me for that – so tonight I decided to quickly try an idea I had in my head. I had seen a sketch of this somewhere one time and I’ve been wanting to try it out.

It’s a very simple project. I’ve used water glasses from Ikea and I used Pébéo Vitrail paint in white (frosted) and the Vitrae felt-tip pen in purple. I drew a basic leaf form, one facing up, one facing down, and continued this all around the glass.

Once that dried I did a second coat so that the white was more on the opaque side. Once that was dry, I took the pen and drew on top of the leaves, basically outlining them and then drawing in the veins. I am not that satisfied about these because I like to consider myself a perfectionist, but I do believe that ones imperfections should be shown as well as their talent.

I will try this again. Maybe a different pattern, maybe the same and just do it how I really want it. It was just fun to put a new idea into play. I think each and everyone one of you should do that at least once a week. Do something that you’ve been thinking of. Just do it, and if it works out or not – doesn’t matter. What matters is that you tried…

Until next time!


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