Adventures in things to come…

I apologize everyone for the delay in a new blog post! These past few days have been busy – non-creatively – so I haven’t had a chance to sit down and talk about some of my up-coming projects. But seeming as I have a few minutes, I am really excited to discuss them!
As of right now, there are 3 major events that I have projects for; two of my friends’ weddings, and a Light the Night fundraiser.
First, for next Friday, I will be baking some cake pops for a Light the Night fundraiser – a bowl-o-thon! The idea came to me for the cake pops when I first mentioned to my friend Tracy that I would like to help out any way I could. Hopefully no one from the fundraiser checks out this page, because I want them to be surprised, but… I’m going to let you all in on my plans…
If any of you have been to light the night before, one thing you’ll definitely notice during the evening is the balloons. Depending on the reason you’re there, you are given a specific colored balloon to walk with; white for survivors, red for supporters and gold in memory of loved ones lost to cancer. I will be making balloon shaped cake pops and decorate them in those colors and matching ribbons. I’ll then be placing them on a small display that I’ll make (hopefully this weekend) and voila! I’m going to start making the cake base this weekend so expect pictures!
For more information on LTN:
To donate to my friend Tracy’s team, “Too Hot to Trot”: Donate here
The day after the bowl-o-thon fundraiser, it’s my friend Lisa’s wedding. And ever since the royal wedding I have had a hankering for headpieces. So, in slight honor to the royals, I will be making myself (I know, not really something MAJOR, but I’m excited non-the-less) a headpiece to wear to her ceremony and reception. And now that I’ve figured this out, I need to get the materials, and find a new dress. A couple of weekends ago my aunt was cleaning out her apartment and she was going to throw out these vintage peacock feathers. Without hesitation I grabbed them and knew instantly that I wanted to incorporate some of them in my headpiece. So off through the land of Google I went and I came across this vintage material items shop on Etsy that had a headpiece that tickled my fancy. I will be making a peacock feather inspired fascinator, made with zippers and feathers. I can’t wait to blog about the progress!
And finally, what I’m very excited about is helping add some final touches to my friend Jen’s wedding dress. She asked me if I could make a few organza flowers for her dress’ belt, as well as a matching one for her hair. I am excited about this too because I have a bit of a soft spot for handmade flowers. I find it kind of relaxing while at the same time challenging. I like to be meticulous with my details. When I make these flowers out of material, I always make sure to burn the edges, and I’ve mastered doing it slowly and without burning the fabric. But the patience it takes because each flower has several layers, and the smallest fidget and you can burn half the flower off. So after Lisa’s wedding I will be on the hunt for some organza in as close to white diamond as possible, along with some small pearls and crystals that compliment both the organza and the dress.
I’m so excited to start all of these projects, and I can’t wait to show all of you each step along the way.
Until my adventures continue!!

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