It’s been a while… Time for something new…

Happy October everyone!

I apologize for the long delay I updating my blog. It’s a long story, well somewhat long and mostly just me filled with resentment… But I digress. I’m back! And that’s what matters. The past few months consisted of me having pent up anger for something I had no control over. I thought I had control over thing, I was paying for a service that had come highly recommended by said persons reviews, but alas, I was screwed over. So no new blog template.

I let those feelings of Ill will harbor inside me for months, trying to get my money back for a service paid for. In the end, I’ve decided to just let it go. I’m not going to get my money back, and the layout i fell I love with will never be mine. I was even going to post the layout creator’s websites and emails here for everyone to “avenge my anger”, but I won’t do it. I just, don’t want to.

I’ve decided to get back on the horse and start blogging again. I let myself get affected and I shouldn’t have. I enjoyed it so much when I was blogging, and I almost let all of that go over someone so insignificant…
So what I really want to tell everyone is…


I’m excited to get things moving again, I may even post some video blogs. I have also decided to use this blog not only to show things I’m creating or created but to link up to sites and ideas I love and want to try. I’m going to make an effort to be more vocal here on my blog, so please, stick around and see all the things I have yet to tell..



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