Weddings, weddings and still more weddings…

In a bit of an update to a previous post, I’ve hung up on my wall six of the frames from the weddings we attended last year. I have to make 4 more for this year; this is a project constantly in the works. I still have to place the pictures inside the frames for most of these, but I wanted to show you all what they now look like. I think it’s a nice tribute to all my friends – who I love dearly.

Here is what the mounted pictures look like…

Eventually when I get married, I’m going to put a similar frame (but a bit bigger) and probably hang it above them all, or right underneath. I might also put our picture a bit higher up on the main floor of my house (where the wicker branches are) and put shorter branches in the vases.

But that’s a long ways away…

  Closer look at layout

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