How does one get back to where they once were?

My creative juices have hit a bit of a lull right now. I was so motivated to get cracking not even two weeks ago, and now it seems I have hit that same wall I did back in June. I really want to get cracking on the things I love, letting my creative juices flow and create things… But there is this nagging feeling right now inside me that is making it so hard.

All around me I see people taking the time to create, and do the things they love, and start businesses. And I have to say it makes me a tiny bit green with envy. I fear disappointing, I fear rejection, I fear making a fool of myself. So that little voice inside me constantly says “don’t do it!!!”

Lately it’s all I hear and all I listen to.

In hopes of breaking through to that little voice and proving it wrong, I’ve decided to take advantage of the newly opened art supply store near my house this weekend. I have a list in my mind of things I would like to do to kick start my creative juices. I also have a back-log of glasses I owe people that need to be painted. I have a pair of glasses that have been painted for months that I was supposed to give to my aunt so she could bring them to my cousin for her wedding. I never got around to bringing them to my aunt because time got squeezed so tight for me I wasn’t able to make it to her before she left. And every time I see those glasses guilt washes over me.

I feel like I let my aunt down…

People put their faith in me and believe in my craft, get me to prove my worth by supporting me and requesting some of my work, and I never get around to giving it to them. I avoid them. I fear they wont like what I’ve created, that I wont meet their expectations and I just avoid.

This weekend MUST be the beginning of a change. I’m worried that if I don’t get started, things will only go downhill from here.

<i>I just need to find a little bit of inspiration…</i>


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