Don’t you know? Don’t you know? Beautiful don’t you know??

So I was inspired by all the glass painting I did for the order I owed (I will post pictures once those are all done), and from looking at my friend Jen’s wedding pictures (and more so the song above by Chris Brown. One of those memories from the wedding…). These are glasses I am going to put up on Etsy in hopes that someone will be interested in them.

I call them (so fittingly) “The Bridesmaids”:

I was one of the bridesmaids in Jen’s wedding, and I wish I would have thought of this/been inspired sooner and given them to her as a gift. What I did was replicate our dresses (to the best of my artistic ability) on these champagne glasses (from Ikea) and then wrote each of the bridesmaids names on the foot of the glass and set a crystal beside the name.

Adorable, no??

I contemplated going the same thing for the groomsmen, but then I remembered how most of them just drink beer in the morning while it’s the bridesmaids who drink champagne (it doesn’t stain our dresses if we spill :)) or mimosas in the morning.

Also, I made the Maid of Honor’s dress different, as in Jen’s wedding Kat had one strap to her dress while the rest of us had strapless.

What does everyone think? I’m quite fond of these babies…

And after I did all those, I felt like a certain someone deserved one of her own…

And here is a quick look at the flower details.
I wanted to be more detail oriented, and have cleaner brushstrokes, but for a first attempt these are pretty good I think. Next time I try on of these I’m going to use this glass sculpting gel I bought. It can be used as a base to create three dimensional relief on glasses, and then can be painted over. I might try that for the flowers next time…
I’ll post some pictures of my other glasses tonight… Hurray for inspiration!!!

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