I Give a Hoot Thursday #1!

So I figured a good way to get myself back into the blogging world would be to make up some sort of “daily” blog posts. For example, one of my favourite make-up girls – xSparkage – Confessions of a Makeup Junkie – has done things such as “Wearable Wednesday”and “Fierce Friday”(check out her site RIGHT NOW because she’s in the process of doing a look for every district in the Hunger Games… LOVE that series…).

I’ve decided to follow suit and introduce you to my first “daily” blog post here-on-out otherwise known as…

I Give a Hoot Thursday!!

Every thursday I’m going to blog about something I “give a hoot” about, whether it be something as mellow as a new recipe I tried, or some sort of vengeful rant I’ve been dying to say aloud.

Today is going to be mellow to start things off with – I don’t want to get all crazy so soon into my blogging re-birth.

I’ve got two things I love right now and will be “hooting'” about. One: my current favourite essie nail polish. And two: the Hunger Games.

This past year or so I’ve fallen in love with nail polish. I hate to admit it, but I’m a late bloomer to this club. I used to bite my nails ALL THE TIME, and had discussing little things that I didn’t like ANYONE seeing. But I grew up and decided that I needed to stop chewing the living daylights out of my nails, and start letting them grow. That took a long time because my nails were so brittle and they broke and chipped and it was horrible. But after a while of tender care, they’ve turned out to be an accessory that I enjoy quite much.

Seemings as I arrived late to the makeup party, I only discovered essie polish several months back. At first I avoided it like the plague because I was unable to understand how people could spend so much money on nail polish. But one day while at my local Walmart I noticed they were under 10.00… So I jumped on the bandwagon and bought myself a couple of shades.

Right now I’m wearing my favourite of the bunch: merino cool. The essie website tells me this is a great autumn color, but I like it anytime of year. This is what the color looks like on me…

Do note, the little “scratches” you see on my nails (how unprofessional of me…) are from me going to bed without letting my nails dry 100%. I know this is a big faux pas, but sometimes sleep takes over and your nails have to suffer for it. Don’t judge me and my nail polish ways.

Now, for the more important of the two things…

The Hunger Games!!!

Oh my goodness I become one of those screaming boy band loving teeny boppers inside when I think of this series. It was, for a lack of a mature answer, wicked. I heard about the series from – who would believe it – my boyfriend. He had heard about them through a friend and he asked me to get them so he could read them on my iPad.

I obliged, but when he tried to explain it to me it didn’t appeal to me (he didn’t sell it the way it should have been). He read through the first book and half of the second and I decided I was going to steal the iPad form him and read them.

And that was the day I become a hermit.

I read the series in four days – give or take – and I couldn’t put the iPad down for anything. I feel in love with the writing skills, the characters, the storyline, everything. I finished the series and yearned for more, only to find out they’re making a movie and then weeks later I see the trailer and I’m practically crying at the computer.

This movie series will be my new Twilight (and luckily fill the void until Breaking Dawn Part 2 comes out). I convinced my best friend and sister to read the series, then several other people. It’s so good. I can’t even begin to tell you how awesome it is. I finished re-reading the series a couple of weeks ago because I needed my HG fix. I’ll probably do it again before the movie comes out.

Speaking of which pre-sale happens in SEVEN DAYS. Just saying…


Re-reading this post you would never think I was a 30 year old with a 5 year old… I suddenly reverted back to my teenage years. All that’s missing is my Backstreet Boys poster wall…


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