Rrrrrrroll up the Rrrrrrrim!!!

So us here in Canada have a favourite time of year. And it just started…

Roll up the Rim!!!

Oh my goodness I could not be any happier about this time of year. I wait, and wait, and then I wait some more. So on the way to work this morning I decided to stop at Tim Hortons. Of course, being that this is my “New Year, New You (aka me!!)”, I thought I would turn myself from a previous RUTR loser into a winner! I could barely contain myself when I got to work…

I relax, I had my green smoothie (see yesterday’s post for more information and recipe) and I checked my emails. But my coffee was looking at me, crying out for my attention. So I made a decision. Since all of my previous experiences with Roll Up the Rim has been, lack-lustre. No wins, not even a freakin’ muffin. So my usual routine needed to be tossed in the poubelle.

My old routine: Drink coffee, roll up rim using “moose” technique.
My new routine: Drink HALF of the coffee, roll up the rim using the “beaver” technique.

So, halfway through my coffee I did just that. I stopped. Took off the lid – trying to hide my excitement (this one feels like a winner!!!) – and went for it beaver style.

And then…

Drum-roll please…


SERIOUSLY TIM HORTONS?? I am so upset right now because I have been such a loyal customer to these people and never have I ever won anything. All I’m asking for is a free coffee or something… But alas, I must “Please Try Again”.


So to make myself feel better when I got home (this is all while my daughter is having her supper, I’m not THAT bad of a parent…) I decided to go check out one of my favourite Tumblr sites – DisneyBound.  Oh my goodness this girl is awesome. She posts all these amazing outfits she’s made at Polyvore, all  of them inspired by any and everything Disney.

Anyways, I was there today and I nearly died. She had posted on of my favourite outfits to date. Check this out:

It’s a Katniss outfit!!! I am so excited about this one – maybe I’ll buy myself some of these pieces ASAP.

And lastly for today, while I was on my Pinterest, just browsing the people stuff, I came across this lovely photo:

I have decided it is going to be my new inspiration for my whole “New Year, New You (aka me!)” project.

So I’ll leave you all with that. MY daughter is done her dinner and we’re going to watch the rest of The Fellowship of the Rings… 100% her choice, not even joking. She is sooo her father’s daughter…

Until next hoot!!


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