Doing it Dukan – update #1

So I’m in the middle of my 7th week of the Dukan Diet, and I still feel great. My weight loss has passed the plateau I hit a couple of weeks ago, and I’m almost at my goal weight (yeah!!). Once I get there, I will have returned to the weight I was before I was pregnant with my daughter. Over SIX years ago. Woohoo! I’m excited!

I know a lot of people I talk to about this think I might be crazy for trying such a “limited/strict” diet (in their eyes, not mine, not anymore), so I wanted to show everyone what I eat in a typical work day. I pack a lunch everyday to avoid 1) spending money on overpriced food and 2) to have control of what goes in my food. During the work week my lunches consist of basically the same thing, but tweaked each day to not become to repetitive.

Here is what I brought in today.

For breakfast I have my Green smoothie (i can’t say enough how much i love these. Over 3 cups of leafy greens per serving!!), and 20 minutes after that I have a coffee. I can’t give up coffee, so i try and not have more than that one cup at work. I never put milk in my coffee anymore (unless it’s a latte) and i only sweeten it with a packet of Krisda.

About an hour after that, I’ll have my mid-morning snack of Greek yogurt. sometimes I sweeten it with with another pack of Krisda, but some days I don’t. It depends on how I’m feeling. Today I’m having my required 2 tbsp of oat bran in my yogurt (I mix it in and it gives a good texture to the yogurt). this holds me over until lunch without fail. The combination of the oat bran with the protein in the yogurt keeps me full.

Today for lunch I’m having fish. Yeah! The Dukan diet has really enabled me to get back into my love of seafood, so fish is a staple for me. My freezer is full of fish. Mmmm… Today I’m having haddock – doesn’t smell fishy (which is a plus since i eat/read at my desk during lunch) and it’s high in protein, so again, i am satisfied. One of my staple condiments is dijon mustard, so i usually wait until the fish is almost cooked, and then I spread some of it on the fish itself and let it finish cooking in the pan.

Then as an afternoon snack I make myself eggs. Sometimes scrambled, sometimes an omelet. I usually use 2 eggs and then additional egg whites, but sometimes I use one egg and a lot of egg whites. Depends on what else I plan on eating. I always add something to the eggs, this morning it was green onions. When I make an omelet, I use a light mini babybel and shred it and put that, along with whatever herbs inside.

Some days I have the eggs for breakfast and the yogurt for a snack, sometimes I have both for breakfast if I’m hungry. Those days I usually don’t put the oat bran in my yogurt, because I bring in a piece of “Dukan Bread” that I’ve made and have that as my afternoon snack with one of the light laughing cow cheeses.

Supper is up in the air, I’ll decide that when I get home. But I am thinking of mini burgers with a mix of extra-lean beef and extra-lean pork… Mmm… Can’t wait!

Dukan Tip

If I could give one word of advice to anyone doing this diet, keep all the condiments or seasoning you’re allowed to use out and within reach at all times.It makes it easier than having to search for them, and if you only leave out what you’re able to use, you wont have to wondering if it’s allowed or not.

This is my counter where the magic happens:

  Note the adorable painted window things my daughter made for me. Sweet.

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