I Give a Hoot Thursday #2

Back in high school and part of the way through college there was one thing I wanted to be more than anything – whether or not I mention this to anyone or not. I wanted to be a writer. I had a passion for writing (though at the time mostly fan-fiction revolving around certain boy bands who shall remain nameless at this time) and I was completely submerged into writing until I fell in love for the first time.

Then my decline in writing began because my heart was telling me that “first love” is more important than a personal passion. And at one point I just stopped writing all together. Once my first love fizzled and I “matured” I tried countless times to get back into writing, but nothing ever came of it. A few chapters here and there, an idea that never gets finished, nothing I could make into something.

Then I was told about this wonderful series and –  un-be known to me – a fire was lit inside me to start writing again! And since this series, I have fallen in love with the “Young Adult” genre, and find myself constantly looking for the next great YA novel; mostly leaning to the “fantasy” side of things.

Since I love YA novels so much, I wanted to mention a couple that you all know, and probably some you don’t.

THE series that brought me back from my writing slump was…


I had not cared for these novels when I was first told about them. Vampires? Really?? The only way you were going to get me into vampires was if David Boreanez was the brooding vamp (*sigh* I think I need to re-watch the entire series of Buffy and Angel… for the fourth time…). But after the movie came out – but before I watched it – I decided to give the books a try. My mom had bought them at Costco and leant the first one to me. Understatement of the year right here, but I couldn’t put the book down. And then the second, and third and fourth flew by and the next thing you know I crawled out of my reading cave four days later, dry-eyed and blown away. THIS series gave me a sense of being in the writing world and made me realize that this is the genre for me. I have read this series three times through so far, and will probably re-read them again before the final movie comes out in November. I love it THAT much.

Next up…


Can I say anything more about this series that I haven’t said already? Probably not, but that won’t stop me from trying. The writing in this series is – in my opinion – a step up from that of Twilight (no offense to the author in anyway, I love Stephanie Meyers). The ideas and general concepts are fantastic, as well as the heroin. I love when the main character is a women and that she is powerful, yet has a soft side to herself. Katniss is one of my favorite characters I have come across in a long time. Suzanne Collins does an amazing job at making you feel like you are a part of Katniss’ story. I felt her pain, I teared up for her, it was almost as if I was feeling everything she felt. Truly a wonderful series to read.

Once I was finished The Hunger Games I wanted to find something that would fill that void that it left behind. I wasn’t ready to go back to something more “fantasy”, I wanted something more. I Googled some stuff and many people suggested The “Uglies” series. This is by author Scott Westerfeld, and this did the trick. It was exactly what I needed to go to after finishing HG. This is a series of four books that deal with a dystopic futuristic society in which we, otherwise known as “The Rusties” destroyed civilization and the new society which is formed controls everything by making you a “pretty” once you’ve reach the age of 16. And the name doesn’t like. The teenagers get to choose the “upgrades” they want to go through and they end up being, in a sense, mind-melded into a party loving, bubbly city filled with young people who waste the days away doing whatever they please. My description of this series is lacking a great deal, I’m trying to brush over it lightly. The series does shed an eye, though, on how people perceive what society is “supposed” to be like, and in the end I think it teaches you to like you for you.Its a really great message, and it’s not difficult to read at all. I recommend it to all!

After all the serious reads (after The Uglies I re-read HG – I couldn’t resist!!) I needed something lighter. I came across a series called “Perfect Chemistry” by Simone Elkeles. The three part series involves a family of three boys, each book centering around a different one of them, and how they cope with being a Mexican family and peoples perception of them, as well as their perpetual struggle with gangs. It was a very easy series to read (it took me all of a week to read all three), although it didn’t do for me what HG did. But none the less this filled my time and I ended up enjoying it a great deal. However, I did not know that young adult novels talking about high school students would have so much… sex in them. It wasn’t romance novel graphic, but it was enough that I had to wonder what age these books were really meant for. But, being that I’m a 30 year old, the books took me back to a younger age, and I again, would recommend this series.

So that’s it for this week. Until my next hoot where I will *fingers crossed* talking all about my love for my Vitamix!!

Happy Thursday!


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