Winter flurries and baby showers!!!

oh the weather outside is frightful…

It seemed that the beautiful “spring” weather we were getting here was all but one of Mother Nature’s jokes. It wasn’t meant to last, because as a wonderful weekend gift, she sent us some snow. Yeah!! No, seriously, I’m not liking this one bit.

I had decided (in my mind, but not out loud just yet) that I was going to stop reading at work during lunch and start moving by talking walks. Well, since I’m a bit of a baby when it comes to walking in cold weather, I feel as if Mother Nature is trying to go against my wishes. And let’s be serious, she isn’t someone to mess with.

I guess my walks will have to wait, and “Everneath” by Brodi Ashton (my current YA novel, review to come once I’ve read it) wins this round!

One of the best parts about this weekend is that I got to be there to celebrate one of my friend’s baby showers. I have been waiting for this day to come, because I have wanted to make her gift since I found out she was pregnant! For a family friend’s shower one time, my sister and I made a baby diaper cake. It was so much fun, that I HAD to do it again.

For this cake, I bought a bag of diapers, one of those Johnson and Johnson baby sets of things, a couple of pacifiers, some baby eating tools for teething babies and a set of wash cloths. I had learned how to make washcloths into rosebuds, so I was incredibly excited to try it out.

The hardest part of this cake, was making the “layers”. Last time I had my sister to help me, along with MANY clothes pegs. In one of my fits of spring cleaning last year, I had thrown out all the clothes pegs. I had no idea how I was going to make these levels, so I tried a couple of things, and this is what I came up with:


I laid the diapers down on top of a ribbon, on on top of the other with about an inch in between each. From there, once I had enough diapers for each level (10 for the top, 20 for the middle and 30 for the bottom) I CAREFULLY started to roll the diapers, making sure to hold the ribbon tight so the diapers wouldn’t fall apart. This is hard to explain, so if people show interest in this project, I will probably post a video of how I did this.

Here is the first and second layer done, and the third being set up, also check out some of the things I used to decorate it with:


The top layer was super easy to keep its shape, but the middle and bottom needed a bit of extra fillers in the middle to keep their shape and not cave in on itself. Last time my sister and I stuffed the middles with tissue paper. This time I ingeniously thought to roll up some diapers and stuff them in the middle. Worked like a charm…

Once I had all the layers done, I used a ribbon to tie them together, but I “threaded” the ribbon through the diapers to secure them together:

Once that was done I made the washcloth rosebud, which were super easy and so much fun and looked super cute!!

One those were done it was time to decorate the cake!! I already has dome flowers with wire stems laying around that I wasn’t using for anything, so I stuck the ends of the wires into the bottom of the rosebuds, and then I folder the wire in half and pushed that into the “cake” I did that all over, and then one I had the flowers evenly distributed, I attached all the stuff I bought. The pacifiers on top, the teething feeders from ribbons and the Johnson and Johnson stuff I tucked into the actual diapers, but so they stuck out enough for you to see.

Here is the finished product, as well as some close ups:

How cut is this??? It’s ridiculous!!!

I really did enjoy making this, I’m hoping that with more of my friends having babies (hurry up girls!!!) that I can amp up my diaper cake making skills and stepping up my game. Overall, I do want to find some sort of clear cellophane bag to put these in for the future, but for now I just placed it on one of those cake pans you can buy at any of those kitchen stores (Ares for example).

I really wanted to blog about this yesterday, but out of worry that my friend would read my blog I had to refrain until today. The shower itself was beautiful, her family spared no expense. The food was amazing, and the desserts… Oh my goodness… Dukan who??? I did treat myself to a few things, but mostly I wanted to try these lemon macarons they had… In some of my previous post I “attempted” to make macarons, but now that I have actually tried one… WOW. Mine aren’t even half as awesome. But… The best part about having tried them means now I have a basis to go off from. And for my birthday I got this adorable book called “I heart macarons” from my friend Lisa, so I will be in macaroni mode once again soon!

For the rest of the night I plan on working on taking pictures of some of my older work for my Etsy shop, as well as do complete a couple of hairpieces that have been pending in my “art space” in the basement.

Keep an eye for an update on those! It’s to come in the next few days… Also, I want to send out a big thanks to my friends and family for the wonderful reception I’ve received so far surrounding my blog and shop. I promise to not let anyone down and will update both as often as I can.

Until next time!


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