Let me “fascinate” you…


The sun is shining, the air “seems” a bit warmer (although there was fresh snow on my car this morning) and people seem to be a bit happier around me. It could just be a fluke because the guy on the radio this morning said it was going to snow again overnight, so I can only imagine the “less than pleasant” moods of people tomorrow…

That being said, I think what matters is that if I feel good, then things are good. And I actually feel GREAT right now. Why??

Well, last night I was in the fascinator making zone. Of course my supplies a slightly limited to what I have right now, but rest assure I have purchased some new (but more so EXCITING) things for upcoming projects I have flooding my mind. I found a bunch of Etsy stores that have supplies in regards to items I’ve been scouring the internet for. Most of everything will be here by next week. I’m so excited!!

Anyways, with what I have on hand, I was able to make four new fascinators last night. They are smaller than the other ones I’ve made, but they seem to be just enough. I am always able to add a bit more or I can add a blusher veil if someone requests it. The only thing is that my phone is the only way I can take pictures right now. My camera battery is shot, so I charge it and mid way through ONE picture it dies on me. I’m going to have to go to my parents house and use my fathers awesome camera…

But for the time being, before I post these on Etsy, I wanted to show you guys what I’ve been up to.

I really wish I had a better camera because these are really pretty when I look at them in real life. I also think I need to take pictures of them in someone’s hair so that the full effect can be made. Things to work on of course…

What are everyone’s preliminary thoughts? I’ve ordered material in different colors for the flowers so I can try some different combos, and I’ve also ordered feathers and ribbons and netting and all this great stuff. I will be making some non-wedding headpieces as well some for everyday, some for special occasions. Banana Pants has been asking me for some since she started seeing me make them, so I’ll definitely attempt one for her.

Just wanted to give you all a sneak peak into what lies ahead!

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