I want my bed right now…

I rarely get sick. At least not sick enough to REALLY complain about it, but right now I don’t feel well at all and where else could I gripe about it but here on my blog 🙂 I woke up this morning, and my throat felt like sandpaper. And of course once I noticed this all was suddenly overcome with this urge to drink water. So i did, but I could barely swallow – it killed! And I assume my throat is swollen because my breathing is being affected (a bit). Also my entire body is aching.

Lucky me!!

The best part about all of this is that I can’t take a sick day this week. Being that I work in one of the finance departments, the end and beginning of the month are important. Today is the last day of the month, and there are always a ton of things to do, and tomorrow and Friday I have to do my analysis (which normally i have four days to do) but since I’m off work next week… Bah!! There is a lot to do.

I am “self-medicating” with the following:

Pills, water and tea. I’m feeling a bit better, but the pills are doing zip-all for my body aches. At least the tea and water are helping my throat…

Whenever I feel sick like this, there is only one thing that makes me feel better from the inside out (minus curling myself into a ball in my bed, covered with blankets, only exposing my nose so I can breathe). Homemade chicken soup. I actually make this on a regular basis now, mostly because it’s cold outside and because it works well with my Dukan diet. This is seriously super easy, and if I had pictures I would post them but we all know my camera fiasco at the moment (if not read yesterday’s post). So bear with me as I explain things that best I can with only my words.

I normally make a batch of this a week for me to take to lunch with me, or to have when I get home. Chicken breasts haven’t been on sale too much lately, so I’ve been buying the less expensive, bone-in, breasts. the first time I bought these I tried to cut the meat away from the bone while the chicken was raw – WOW, how hard is that? If anyone knows a trick for that, please let me know. After that horrible attempt, I figured I’d make a soup with the rest of them. Here’s how easy it is…

Fill a pot half-way to 3/4 of the way full. This all depends on the size of your pot of course. Mine holds a lot, so I pour about 4 big mason jars worth of water in there. Then it really is about tossing in veggies that you like. My no-fail combo is carrots, celery and onions (sweet ones, the rest burn my eyes when I cut them), but sometimes I use leeks in place of the onions to change things up. chop those up into bite sizes and toss them in. Then I add either 3 or 4 chicken breasts (depending on the size) and VOILA!

I turn the stove to ‘high’ to get the water boiling, then once it does I leave it like the for a minute, then I turn it down to the second lowest setting. Then ignore it for about 2 hours (of course I sneak a peek once a while, but I’m in the chicken soup zone right now, so I don’t peak as much as I used to). At that point, the chicken is pretty much cooked, so I take it out of the pot, one breast at a time, and I peel it from the bone (which at this point is super easy, it basically falls off) and cut/shred it into little pieces and toss it back into the pot. At that point I lower the heat to the lowest setting and let it sit for another hour or so. I also add in any kind of spices or herbs (FYI – I NEVER use salt or pepper on ANYTHING. I can’t stand the taste of either of those things. If someone else uses, I eat them, but I will never voluntarily add these things in to ANYTHING). Usually I toss in some onion powder – I’m obsessed with that stuff – and this organic herb mix my parents got me from Costco. Give it a stir and let it sit. And the soup is AWESOME.

I usually store it in mason jars in my fridge and take a whole jar to work with me (if it’s a smaller one) or I just pour it into my soup thermos before I leave for work. Boom. And you’re done. Barely any prep time at all, and you leave it alone most of the time. And it is seriously just what someone who feels as sick as me needs.

Oh, and a few cuddles from these two doesn’t hurt…


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