“I Give a Hoot Thursday #3″… one day late…

So I’m still sick. I thought I would be able to do my usually “I Give a Hoot Thursday” post, but i left work early yesterday, went to the clinic (had a strep test done, the nurse attacked the back of my throat with those stupid cotton swabs by the way, but no, no strep, just a virus) and went home to bed. I got to the point where I was unable to talk at all. It hurt to much. Drinking water or having soup (which was all I could muster up the strength to eat) was excruciating. My throat was so roe and swollen that every time I swallowed it was like I was chocking. Needless to say, not a pretty sight. And honestly, I don’t remember the last time I felt this much pain… It was horrible. But today is a new day, and although I am home, still sick, things are looking up a bit.

I can form words that sound somewhat normal, and I have been able to eat a few more things like my green smoothie (thank the lords, I missed it so much…), more chicken soup (but now the actual ingredients in it and not just the broth) and i plan on having some shrimp for supper. I had them earlier this week and have been having cravings for them since. I heart grilled shrimp…

Moving along, since I missed yesterday post, I’m going to double up on posts today to make up for it. So, without further adieu, here is my “I Give a Hoot” post for this week…

What is the one things that I love in the world, above all else (or at least as much as my Mr.)? My Banana Pants!!! Alright, alright, that’s not my daughter’s name. But that nickname came up one time and I haven’t stopped using it. I have to muster up all my strength when I pick her up from school so I don’t say it in front of all her friends. I know how mean kids in school can be – I used to be one of those girls! So I refrain from calling her that.

My daughter is probably one of the funniest 5 year olds any of you are ever going to meet. Ask anyone I know, she is such a ham and cries out for attention (hopefully once her newest cousin is born she’ll be able to share the spotlight), albeit it has gotten her into a bit of trouble at school, we’ve seemed to reeled that in. She’s back on the good path people!

Something her father and I let her do in the past, is use my camera to take pictures. She knows the rules – no fingers on the lens, no fingers on the flash, arm loop on AT ALL TIMES – and she listens to them most of the time. I find it fascinating to see things from her point of view. I think a lot of us take for granted that not everyone sees things like us. Last year, I let Banana Pants take my camera to her daycare on her last day, so she could document the things she was going to miss. She wasn’t allowed to take pictures of the other students because you need parents to sign wavers for that stuff, but she was able to take pictures of some of the things she loved…


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