Spring Break 2012 – Day #2 – The art of freezing…

So I have become obsessed with something again… And this is something everyone can do AND if done correctly, saves you money!

Yeah!! Who doesn’t love a few extra dollars here and there??

I’ve become a little obsessed with freezing things. Mostly meats (when bought in bulk and when its ground meat) veggies and berries, but recently its extended into herbs, and I’m contemplating seeing if its worth it to freeze homemade yogurt…

Since I started the Dukan diet, I have been spending much more money on groceries then I used to. I also found that I was tossing away more things too. I buy with the mentality that everyone one will enjoy my food, but getting my Mr. to eat fruits and veggies is like trying to get my dog to stop barking at anything that passes our house – never going to happen.

Now I’ve realized that I can use half of whatever I buy now, and freeze the rest. Its actually a great idea! Its been working really well so far with everything I’ve frozen. My herbs are a godsend because I was always buying and throwing out herbs. Then I decided to buy them, cut them up, then then freeze them. Now when I make an omelet I can toss in some frozen green onions and cilantro, and by the time I go to cook the eggs the herbs are defrosted. Same thing when I make fish. I toss on some frozen dill or chives and I am in heaven (add a little lemon once the fish is cooked and its AMAZING!)…

I know you can always go out and buy a bag of frozen veggies. I have a couple of bag of broccoli florettes I can’t wait to use. But sometimes you just buy too much stuff and instead of it going bad, you can freeze it.

Try it! I swear you’ll love it. Here are a couple of pictures of my herbs and frozen berries/veggies…

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