Spring Break 2012 – Day #3 – Toronto Bound!

As a mini family vacation, we’ve decided to head out to Toronto for the rest of the week. My Mr. has a lot of family out there, so its always nice to spend time there.

This weekend is special because one of Mr.’s cousins is heading to city hall with her fiancée to get legally married. Next month they are heading out to Italy to have their wedding there, so they wanted to get the signing done beforehand. We are unable to attend the actual wedding, so us, along with several other family members are going to have a “mini” celebration.

Like always, we’ve packed up our car and are heading out for the roughly five hour drive. Banana Pants is one of those kids who needs a lot of things to do, because she doesn’t sleep. At all. Last time we went she woke up at 4:45, and still went to bed late.

So we have some coloring books for her, some games, but most of all we have our sacred DVD player. We only ever use this portable one on trips, but I swear its a lifesaver. Her movie of choice right now: The Goonies. No joke. She loves this movie more than I think is normal for a five year old to.

Also, other than our usual Timmy’s stop (still not a winner… *grumble*) we make sure to pack the car full of healthy (and some not so healthy) snacks. Carrots, grapes, cheese sticks, rice krispy treats… Everything necessary to prevent us from stopping again.

For those of you who have done the MTL to TOR drive, we just passed the triangle house 🙂

I’ll write more once we get to our destination. My coffee is calling my name…

The triangle house!!!

The triangle house!!!

Goonies never say die... I heart Rudy :)

Goonies never say die… I heart Rudy 🙂

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