Spring Break 2012 – Day #4 – Family, family, family…

Oh my goodness.

I always forget how much family there is in Toronto. A lot of my Mr.’s family used to live here and a lot of family still does. Coming to Toronto is rarely a “vacation” per say, but it is always a great time.

We arrived here yesterday just before lunch at his aunt Rosa’s, who, hands down, makes some of the most amazing food I have ever tasted. But I swear to you, the second we got here the smoke signals must have went off because within minutes family member after family member called wanting to speak to my Mr. We’ve made plans to see some of them during the weekend already. A big dinner is being prepared on Saturday because so many of us are here in Toronto this weekend.

Its nice for me to be around all this family, because sometimes I forget what its like. My family is spread out across Canada, some in Quebec, some in Ontario and others in Alberta. So getting us all together doesn’t happen all that often.

Ever since my grandmother passed away a few months ago I’ve felt a little bit empty in the “family section” if my heart. My only grandmother figure I have left is my Mr.’s. So we try and visit them often enough, and every time I watch her, I can’t help but think of my Nana. So being around all of the family in Toronto really makes me smile on the inside. They are very much like my family, except they talk Italian 🙂

I’ve always been that family member who loves to sit around a table and listen, and talk once and a while. I love to hear people’s stories and learn about things about them. I find people and their histories completely fascinating. As of my Nana’s passing I’ve kind of fallen back into a mini obsessions of learning my families history. I have always had a thing for family trees, and I always want to know more about mine.

I am a member of Ancestry.com, and although the monthly fee is ridiculous, it has actually helped me date my family back to the mid 1800s (not to sound too much like the people from the commercials…). A lot of what I found is difficult to verify, because my grandfather’s father’s side is Scottish, and they don’t allow Ancestry to show images of their census reports. So I have to go on years and family members and its a bit difficult.

If I had started this years ago, there would have been more people to help me verify things. If I knew my family out in England and Scotland, maybe I would get more answers. Its something I might look into, but what I would really like to do is actually visit Scotland and go to their actual archives and look around. A dream, I know, since I’m not much of a world traveler.

One thing I do know for sure… My family, whether mine or the one I’ve been brought into, mean the absolute world to me…

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