Flower frenzy!!

As you all know, I was away most of last week on a mini vacation in Toronto to visit family. Coming home was sad, but when I checked the mail I felt much better!

I got in more of my supplies!!!

Oh my goodness I could not be more excited if I tried. I had to wait ALL DAY at work yesterday (impatiently might I add) to go home and play with my new stuff! I was a busy little beaver last night and made several flowers with some of the fabric I purchased. How awesome are these??

I was trying out different fabrics, and different beading and layouts, and I must say that I am pretty impressed with myself.

I was worried that I had gone out and “stocked” my supplies without seeing if I was even able to make anything half decent, but I have dis-proven that theory. Not to too my own horn, but I rock!

Tonight I’m going to try a new kind of flower that I saw yesterday night, so more updates later on that trial! I’m now in the process of deciding what these flowers should be attached to. Ribbons, metal headbands, clips, barrettes, bobby pins… The options are endless!

This is roughly how big all the flowers are:

I’m hoping to get a good stock done by the end of the week and have my Etsy store updated in time for the weekend! I know that the spring/summer season is right around the corner for us here, so it would be nice to get these babies up and ready to sell for all those who want to brighten up their hair or outfits!

Can’t wait to share my new creations with all of you!!!


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