Plants (head piece flowers that is) vs Zombies…

I seem to be on a roll now… I just finished another piece. And I love it! I really need to have someone take a picture for me with it in my hair so you could all see what these look like. I tired to take a picture myself,mod it in my hair, but I failed miserably.


The flowers on this piece are made from a thin, light burgundy satin material, and they are plain circles. I find that trying to make “petals” on the thinner material doesn’t always work well. so I just went with simple flowers on this one, because I didn’t want to do too much. The centers are bead clusters made of pearl styled beads.



I added in some feathers, these are thin and a bit stiffer than a regular one. On top of those I added in some of this magenta colored Russian netting. I’ve had this stuff lying around for over a year and never could think of what to do with it. It fits perfectly with this piece.


All in all I think I did a decent job at trying out something new. This piece will be attached to a hair comb once I get them in. I considered attaching it to a headband, but I think that a clip would give you more options with where to place it.


I am in the process of finalizing another few pieces as we speak. I would have completed them tonight, but my boyfriend and I have a date with The Walking Dead. I didn’t
T care for it when he was all in to it in the first season, but we’re watching the second season right now and I love it!! Of course I can’t sleep afterwards, and my mind goes crazy thinking about how this could one day happen, but the show is too good to pass up.

Anyone else out there a fan of the show? And speaking of a show that plays on AMC, anyone here as big of a fan of Breaking Bad as I am? Oh my goodness I cannot wait until the next season comes out! It left on such a high note for me. I still remember freaking out in the very last scene and practically screaming “WHAT?!?!?”. Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul are ridiculous in that show! Seriously one of the best shows out there…

Alright, enough blogging… More zombies!!


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