Spring is in the air, so put a flower in your hair!

I’ve done it everyone! I made my very first headpiece for the year 2012!! I am very proud, and also very excited about this!

Yesterday I made a conscious decision to finish one headpiece, and I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to since I have not received any of my hair combs or clips just yet. But then it hit me… Ribbon!

I have all this beautiful ribbon lying around, and I haven’t been sure what I was going to do with it. So I decided to use that as the headband, and voila! Everything fell together.

The flowers are made of silk fabrics in both brown and a dark champagne color. The centers are these adorable little sparkling flower buttons, which look just like the centers of actual flowers. There are also several little copper colored stamens sticking out around the flowers. I find it adds an extra little touch.

The flowers are sewn and glued to a white piece of felt, then the ribbon is glued to the felt, and another piece of felt is on top of the ribbon so that there is a smooth backing to the headpiece. I’ve made sure to hide the felt as much as possible, taking a lot of care to ensure that the flowers go as close tot he edge as possible.

On top of this headpiece, I almost completed a second one as well. I was trying a new flower technique, and used different fabrics I got, and it turned out AMAZING!!!

I haven’t finished this headpiece yet because I have only had the chance to set these on black felt, and have not added in the stamens, nor have I reinforced them to the backing properly. I also want to find a different ribbon to attach this to, because the ribbon from the previous headpiece doesn’t quite match. I will also make different versions of this setting (because I love it so) with two champagne color flowers and one burgundy, and some will be attached to hair combs once I get them in.

The material for these is bridal satin, and let me tell you this… It is such a great material to work with. It is a bit thicker than regular satin materials, and it has a little bit more resilience when I “burn” the edges of the petals. I think the results for my new petal technique worked wonders on this fabric as opposed to a thinner material. Also, for these I went back to pearl style beads in various sizes and colors for the centers. I think they turned out well, don’t you?

Lastly, I got a delivery notice from Canada Post yesterday so I assume that the balance of my fabric circles are in (insert happy squeal here) so I can now make the St. Patty’s flowers for my sister (at her request she made yesterday) for her to wear to the parade this weekend.

I’m going to be a flower making fiend this week! Look for a big update in my Etsy shop before the week’s out with my new pieces added, and possible a few more surprises!

A new season, a new step forward!!!


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