Doing it Dukan – Update # 2

So as many of you know, I’ve been doing the Dukan Diet since the beginning of the year, and I have to say, I have never felt better. I have (finally!!!) reached my goal weight!!! Because of that now I’ve entered phase 3 – the Consolidation Phase – and I’ll be in this one for two and a half months give of take. Now I’m allowed to incorporate two slices of whole grain bread a day, as well as one serving of fruit (although I have been cheating and having almost a whole fruit in my morning smoothies…) and I can have a serving (40gr) of cheese like cheddar or whatnot. I’m also allowed to have two servings of starchy foods a weeks, so now I can eat lentils and beans again, or pasta and rice (whole grain of course…).

I’m also allowed to have my two “celebration meals”, but let’s be serious. I’ve been having those for a while now. I also have to up my oat bran from 2 to 3 tbsp a day, but I love it so much that I wont find that to be an issue. Lastly, once a week I need to have a pure protein day, which is kind of becoming .

I think that this phase will continue to help me curb my cravings (recently I’ve been wanting chocolate and fresh baguettes…) and train me to make healthier choices. I find it has been fairly easy to go out and find something that suits my new needs, and most of the time I am not disappointed. Often on the weekends we go out and have a mini family breakfast at one of the local breakfast joints near out house. I used to get the “Deux Fois Bleu” all the time, eggs, choice of ham, bacon or sausage with potatoes and TWO blueberry pancakes. I LOVED this meal (oh my goodness, is that drool on the corner of my mouth???), but now, I don’t order it anymore. I’m into omelets (no potatoes on the side) and I find that they are just as amazing! I am currently in love with a tomato basil one. Mmmm…

I am starting to notice the healthier choices there are at restaurants, and I am trying new things at the same time. It’s actually been a refreshing experience for me when going out lately. Of course this does not include the time I went to this AMAZING Indian restaurant, or the sushi place, or the pizza place in Toronto last weekend… But I digress…

I have also made a decision to “work out” at home. I got the 10 Minute Trainer by Tony Horton, so let’s hope that short videos can keep me motivated. I’m willing to wake up a bit earlier in the morning and do the stuff in my pajamas, and maybe a video or two at night. I used to do the P90X videos with my boyfriend, but they were long (the yoga was RIDICULOUSLY long) and after a month I got bored of them because they took so long to do. I will let you guys know what I think about them. I’m trying my first one tonight!!!

Overall, the Dukan has been going well, and I foresee it continuing to go well. Oh, and the best part about being in phase 3 right now? I got to put blackberries in my Greek yogurt and oat bran this morning. I was in heaven.


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