My Etsy shop – New products listed!!

I am very excited to announce that the head pieces I showed yesterday have been listed at Etsy in my shop! Hurray!! Please spread the word if you can – tweet, Facebook, pin, whatever! – any networking would be greatly appreciated.

I’m hoping that I can update my shop once a week, now that I’ve got a solid understanding as to how the listing work and pricing and shipping and all that jazz. Finding time to make the head pieces is the biggest issue I’m going to have.

But this is a really good first step I think. I’m getting there, and hopefully within the next few months I will have a nice amount of options for people to choose from. I also plan on wearing a lot of my creations as well, no better way to promote my work! On that thought… I could (and should) definitely convince my friends to be advertising minions for me… Hmmm…

Let me know if you like what you see in my shop, like always, I am open to suggestions and constructive criticism.

Also, I’m looking for suggestions on good summer color themes to give a try at. Thoughts??


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