“I Give a Hoot” Thursday #4

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve done one of these, so here are some things I wanted to “hoot” about today…

In honor of tonight being the BIG Hunger Games movie premier event extravaganza (though I bought my tickets for tomorrow night…), I spent a little bit of time going through some of the WordPress blogs that were currently discussing The Hunger Games, mostly to see what others had to say. A couple of the blogs stood out for me, actually keeping my interest enough to venture out into other of their posts. Please go and check them out as I am sure you will all enjoy these posts as much as I did:

Blog: The Hunger Games 2012
Post: Video: Elizabeth Banks’s Appearance on ‘Ellen’
If you’re a bit of a Hunger Games fanatic like me, this blog posts a lot of little tidbits about the series and the movie and interview with he cast. It’s a great place to find everything.

Blog: Emmie Mears
Post: May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor
I really love this blog (I know, already!), I’m reading more posts as we speak!!!

Blog: Poor Girl’s Guide Chicago
Post: DIY: Hunger Games Feast! Recipes from Panem

All of these blogs are follow-worthy, and are all very different, which is refreshing. I was worried when I typed “hunger games” into word press’ search  that I was going to end up with the same thing over and over. Lucky for me I “searched” at just to right time that these beauties fell into my lap!

You know, with all the hype with the movie has had, for a brief, short period or time, I had become intent on making HG creations for my Etsy shop. Of course after thinking rationally (i.e. speaking with my sister and taking her advice) I came down from the HG cloud and realized that I 1) should have done that a long time ago, BEFORE the movie came out and 2) by the time the next movie comes out the world of Etsy as we know it will be saturated with the stuff (anyone remember the Twilight franchise? Yeah… Think about what that did to Etsy…). So that idea is being pushed out of sight and mind.

But wanting to go the Hunger Game route on Etsy made me think of all the possibilities of new concepts I could have for my shop as it currently is. I want to expand (slowly of course, if people actually purchase my stuff) my shop to a larger variety of bridal accessories, hopefully including garters and handmade flower bouquets and I also have this crazy need to want to make jewelry with owls in it.

I’m just worried that I’m making all this, investing myself into this “company”, and I worry about rejection or even worse, a lack of response. At least rejection is some sort of an answer. Nothing happening at all would kill me. I know I only opened my shop a month ago or so, and I know things are new, but I worry. I plan on sticking with this for a good year, weighing the pros and cons of doing this on the side, seeing if it’s even feasible with my spare time, seeing if there is a decent reception to my products… Then I’ll make a decision as to whether or not to continue. But for now, I’m am still fueled with a determination to get this thing going. And the good vibes and compliments I’ve received so far make my insides all warm and fuzzy. You guys rock, you know that right?

Sticking to the creative side of things, I’ve kind of been having an urge to put pen to paper again and let some of these crazy thoughts of mine out. I’ve been having a lot of vivid dreams lately, and I wish I kept a notebook and paper next to my bed (note to self: DO THAT!!) so I could jot down all the awesomeness. Now if you think I’m “insecure or nervous” about my Etsy shop, you have to multiply that by ten to get how I feel about my writing! I would love to be able to post some stuff for you guys, but let’s be serious. That scares the bejesus out of me!!!

Let’s hope that when I go to see THE movie tomorrow I will be inspired to write something. The most recent YA book I read did NOT inspire me in the least (I have decided to NOT review it – I took a break from Unwind a couple of days ago and pulled this book from my list to YA Books to read (see my page above) and I forced myself to finish it) and I actually found it to be UNINSPIRING. All I could think was “how did this person get published???” and that made me angry because I feel like I could do better (however scared I am to show people my work).

And to make all my ranting even worse, the beautiful sun we’ve been having since the weekend is hiding from me right now and it looks like it might rain. Maybe my current mood is based solely on the weather… Who knows… What I do know is that I bet ten fold that a certain Josh playing a certain baker’s son will definitely melt my bummy mood tomorrow night….

*sigh* Can’t wait!!


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