I feel like I am in the friggin’ Hunger Games arena this morning…

What. A. Morning.

I wake up after a few hours of sleep (great evening last night with a wonderful girlfriend of mine) only to realize I’ve woken up late.

First challenge – Do I have enough time to get ready and look halfway decent for work? I somehow managed to complete that, however my hair is an issue of it’s own. I was all HG inspired this morning so I tried to make a “Katniss in the arena” braid, and holy-mother-of-all-that-is-great-in-this-world my hair WAS NOT co-operating at all. Three failed attempts and I went for a normal braid (my hair is a wee bit dirty – shhhh! don’t tell!!), which fell apart by the time i got to work so i had to re-do it. challenge completed but I almost failed.

Second challenge – I can’t find my work pass anywhere. If I get to work before 8, the doors are locked and I have to find someone to let me in – not a big fan of doing that. I failed this challenge because I still don’t know where my pass is.

Third challenge – MY TIRE HAS A HOLE IN IT!!!!

I didn’t notice this (how did I not see THAT?!?) when I pulled out of the driveway this morning, but by the time I was rounding the corner to go towards the highway I knew something was up. I believe it was the thump-thump-thump coupled with the bump-bump-bump that gave it away. So I had to turn around and go back home. Luckily for me le boyfriend was still home and I was able to take his car, drop our daughter off at school and then drive him to work. Challenge complete!

Seriously. What a morning that was…

Let’s just hope this movie doesn’t fail me tonight because then I will get really upset. I have been to afraid to read any reviews. I’m worried I’m going to get too hyped up, or disappointed. I’ve decided that I wont read any reviews today, and go in with a fresh point of view on things.

Lastly for this morning, I’ve decided to do a version of a Follow Friday/Friday’s Favorites type post on Friday’s. I find that there are so many sites and blogs and videos out on the internet and everyone has something they prefer that it might be interesting for others to see who’s going where. If you’d like, post your “Friday Favorites” in a comment below to share with my readers.

Here are some of my favorites for this week:

Attack of the Show
I love this show (the whole channel for that matter) because it keeps me up to date with all things geek, and we all know that me and my Mr. are big time geeks

Kelly Oxford
Having been told about this girl from a friend, she posts a whole bunch of awesome randomness and a lot of times its things people say to her. I die.

The Capitol – The Official Government of Panem
Yes, you are reading that correctly. I am THAT much of a geek that I went to this site and actually “registered” myself as a citizen of Panem (don’t judge, I know you secretly want to do it too now) and you are looking at a District 8 Warehouse Manager.

The PolishAholic
This blog is devoted to, you guessed it, nail polish. I know I’m late to the whole nail polish party, but I really love reading people’s reviews about them and their likes a gripes because honestly, I had no idea polish could be so diverse…

That’s it for me guys! Happy Friday, but most of all…

Happy Hunger Games!!!
May the odds be ever in your favor!


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