I tell him, “Real.”

I wish we could fast forward time right now so every weekend I could see each of the Hunger Games movies.


Friday night, I went in to the theatre with no expectations (I was able to avoid all – well almost all – reviews all day) but with very high hopes. The movie did not disappoint me in the least.

Everything they did, every thing they included or took out, was exactly the right move (IMO). Collins words was filled with a lot of details and I myself was wondering how the film was going to be able convey everything and still have the same feel as the book. Surprisingly enough it did for me. Of course there were differences, but they we good changes. They kept the integrity of the story line in tact, which I worried might have gotten lost in the development of the movie. If you never read the books, the movie was amazing. If you did, it was still amazing.

For me, some of my favorite scenes were ones that showed the people from the Capitol. Odd I know, but I was constantly looking at their head pieces (especially Effie’s), wondering if I could copy some of them. Everything was so colorful and radiant that my mind was flooded with ideas (another reason I adored the movie). Not only does the book inspire me to write, the movie inspires me to create. Win-win I think. (Check out this blog: DIY Seamster it has a lot of pictures of head pieces and couture from the movie (and so much more), so amazing!!!)

The casting for this film was amazing. So many reputable actors, so many familiar faces, so much talent all in one place. Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson won me over in the previews, but Hutcherson stole my heart. I always pictured Peeta to be “bigger”, broader shoulders, taller, but Hutcherson was Peeta. The minute he started to act he made me feel the same way the character in the book did. Lawrence oozed Katniss. I can’t imagine anyone else having played this role. Her attitude, he emotions, even the way she carried herself made me think Katniss. I am so excited to see these two grow as actors throughout the series. Is it the next movie yet??

I do plan on seeing the movie again; my boyfriend and I want to see it together (he did read the books before me), and my best friend as well. So maybe the next time I will be able to put aside my giddy school girl feelings and be more critical.

But for now I’ll just revel in the awesomeness that it was.

Happy Sunday everyone!

Best hair piece

Best hair piece


3 thoughts on “I tell him, “Real.”

      1. Yes, i pictured them very differently. Hutcherson was the closes to what I pictured, the rest were just off. Especially the girl who played Katniss. She just didnt fit!

        One reason why initially doubted the film was because of the casting. But, i have to admit, the almost spot on adaptation made me look pass that.

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