Sunday with my ladies

Sundays are the days where my family just… Relaxes. I look forward to Sundays because they are almost like the calm after the storm. A long week at work, Saturdays are usually crazy, so Sunday we like to veg and just be.

So for me, its an extra treat when I can veg with my ladies. Once a month – for over seven years now – my girl friends and I get together for either dinner, breakfast, brunch… Its a tradition that I look forward to all the time. Everyone month one of us hosts, and we all bring something to eat/drink. I am always waiting to get the email with the subject “Next Girls Dinner”, one of my favourite pieces of electronic mail (that and my daily Beyond the Rack emails… Loves that site!). This month we decided on brunch, and it was great. It was really exciting because this is the first time I’ve seen one of my friends since they officially announced she and her husband were expecting!! I could not be happier for them, this is a long awaited thing! We’ve always known that these two would be the next to get pregnant, but its still AMAZING to celebrate this!!

My girl friends are an extension of my family, and being with them make me feel grounded in a way. Its always refreshing to talk to them, sometimes I forget what its like to have a woman’s opinion – I live with just my boyfriend and our daughter. And she’s five and isn’t the best at giving advice or her point of view (unless it’s on what cartoon we’re going to watch next). I find it to be so important to have a group of friends that you can just be yourself around and tell anything to. And getting to do it once a month is such a blessing.

I think it’s nice to talk about the things you love every now and then. Today was about my girls, who knows what tomorrow will be about…


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