Where the heck did the weekend go??

Another weekend come and gone and I feel as if I have so little to show for it. Anyone else feel like their weekends fly by and suddenly you’re back at work and wonder what the heck you did with your time? That’s how I feel right now.

I really did have intentions on blogging this weekend. I swear. I was in the zone so many times, but when it came down to it… I got lazy. Such is the story with my life, but it’s not for my lack of wanting to. I got a little discouraged this weekend, and as much as I tried to write I couldn’t.

I was supposed to make this weekend a time of creativity and fill my hours with head pieces. I have all the tools necessary, except for that fact that I am waiting on the material for ALL my flowers. I purchased them over a month ago from an Etsy supplier, and I have yet to receive them. Frustration doesn’t begin to cover it. I have been told that I “should” get it today. Or tomorrow. Wednesday max. I really wanted to work on everything this weekend because it’s my last free weekend for a month. Every other weekend is already booked with stuff. I’m a busy woman, what can I say.

So I was very upset when I came home from work on Friday to find NOTHING in the mailbox. And I went home and all the hair clips and hair combs and pins cried a little because they knew they would have to wait a bit longer…


Everyone cross their fingers with me in hopes I get everything in today, okay??

I did, however, try and make the most of the weekend, so I did something I didn’t have intentions on doing just yet. I re-read and edited my first chapter of my impending novel. Oh yes, you heard correctly. I actively worked on my novel. And I have to say that after not reading it for months, I forgot how much I loved my concept. And my characters (I really love my main female a lot…). I, of course, can’t speak about it too much right now but I promise to give you guys some details once I get a few more chapters reviewed and under my belt. There is still no title to my novel, it hasn’t come to me yet. I’m not going to just pick anything just for the sake of having a title, so I’m waiting for the moment of clarity when it pops into my head. Hopefully once I get back into the writing of things it’ll be talking to me louder than the faint whisper I assume it speaks in right now.

In other news, I purchased myself the new iPad on Thursday (this could also be part of my distraction during the weekend). I already had the first generation iPad, and never jumped on the iPad 2 bandwagon. But I couldn’t resist. all the stars aligned for me and with the “approval/encouragement” from my boyfriend, I shelled out the money and did it. And I do not regret it in the least! It is, for a lack of a better word, RIDICULOUS!

The great thing about getting the new one is that the old one goes to my boyfriend/our daughter. they can fight over who plays with that one, who watches Netflix on that one, and mainly… They fight over THAT one. Mine is MINE. I really do find I use it for everything. I used it this weekend to display a recipe I was making (I really need to get a counter stand that’s sturdier than the smart cover). Of course I failed at this recipe because I decided to “change it up” to be healthier for me. I was making my chocolate chip banana muffin recipe (its in one of my old posts, click on the quick and easy category to the right to find it) but wanted to use my coconut flour instead (gluten free). Then I wanted to try using Splenda instead of the sugar, but the back of the Splenda pack suggested adding in powered skim milk and extra baking soda and that was my downfall… I should have increased the eggs and banana content to make the recipe less thick.

I ended up with the cookie like substances in muffin tins. And they were kind of dry and hard to swallow. Next time, I’m going to omit the powdered sugar and see if that helps. They did have a great flavor, but I had to toss them (I HATE wasting food) because even my daughter said they weren’t good (and she NEVER says no to chocolate anything). So there was another spot where my creative awesomeness failed me a bit.

Back to my iPad (if you knew me you’d know how attached to the hip this thing has always been. I NEVER leave home without it), I have intentions on turning into a power blogger once my carrying case for it arrives (I just got confirmation that it’s been shipped!!! Eeeiiii!!!). It’ll be able to hold my iPad with its smart cover, my wireless keyboard, the power cords, my stylus, my camera (with the iPad attachment) AND my phone. What more could a girl ask for?? I’m so excited to strut my geek all over the place!

Oh yes! Last thing I promise! I started (as in, two pages in kind of started) to read a non YA book at the recommendation of my sister-in-law Mary. The book is called Little Bee by Chris Cleave.

I’m very excited to read this because I checked on a few review sites and people had a lot of good things to say about it. I’ll consider doing a review once I’m done, or in the very least I’ll let you all know what I think.

The weather is looking up and I demand everyone stop wearing socks and start wearing slip-ons at once!!! Stick it to Mother Nature!

Happy Monday everyone!


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