More blooming and a little self promotion

Right after I put my daughter to bed i went full speed ahead into my shoe clips (Banana Pants fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow. Kindergarten is still kicking her butt months later. Love it).

But yes, as I was saying, I finished a couple more shoe clips and one simple hair clip just now! I’m pooped. The fun part is using a candle to burn the edges of the petals. The not fun part is sewing everything together with the invisible Thad that I use. It always manages to get knotted and tangled – no matter how long or short the thread is.

Oh well. Such is a downside to making cute things like so…


And this cute thing…


Yes, I do wear those to work. Loves them. Oh yeah, I also made these:


And last but not least how about these beauties…


These are surprisingly easy to make, just very time consuming. I’m loving the purple ones, I might just have to show them off at work tomorrow. But wait… I am one of those crazy people who can’t sit still. I’m constantly crossing my legs, uncrossing them, sitting with one leg under me, or sitting all twisted up like a pretzel (don’t ask). Maybe I should let someone else show these babies off.

All while I was creating, I had a little helper with me who kept poking his head up to make sure I was staying on track.


He definitely kept me in check.

Lastly, I got an order I placed from Vistaprint a few days ago and I forgot to show off the goods. A little bit of self promotion never hurt anyone, right? I really love the color scheme and theme I chose of theirs.


I’ve actually used the pen at work. I kind of hoped it would motivate me to be creative. Instead I just signed a whole bunch of papers for month end. Not as exciting as I had hoped, but there is still time!

Alright, thats it for me for tonight folks! Look for my Etsy listings tomorrow midday!!

Night everyone!


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