Took the plunge and wore my work today!

It’s amazing to me why I never thought to wear the stuff I make. I wore some shoe clips (the purple ones. I ADORE them) to work today and seriously; everyone is asking where I bought the shoes from. I go to tell them the shoes are old but I made the flowers and from there one things leads to another and I’m making promises to hand out business cards and suddenly things are crazy-ass.

Being that I am always afraid of people’s reception to my creations, it is definitely refreshing to know that what I’m doing i being received well. I seriously want to make more and more of these shoe clips (for me to wear and for me to sell of course) and now that I’ve done a couple of these, ideas for new head pieces are flowing! And on a crazy whim this morning I purchased a couple more supplies (I MUST cut myself off now, things are getting ridiculous!) for these new ideas that hit me. I’ve been drawing out a lot of my ideas in that iPad app I spoke about a couple of days ago – Paper – because I sometimes think of a good idea and forget it soon after. This way, I have a little “notebook” called byamandaleigh and it has design ideas there. So fricken cool.

Anyways, being so motivated, I came home and did a couple more things or my Etsy shop. So once again, here is a sneak peak!





Super exciting… What do you all think?

Happy Wednesday evening everyone!


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