How I plan on surviving Easter weekend while on the Dukan diet

I don’t. Bahahaha…

I kid, I kid. Well, hopefully I’m joking… This weekend will be my first major holiday while on the Dukan diet, and I have to say, I am slightly afraid! As you all know I’ve reached my goal weight, and am currently in the third phase where I’ve begun introducing whole grains, two servings a week of rice/pasta, fruits and celebration meals (wine included!!).

I’ve been doing a good job at staying on track, I eat properly during the week (we will let it slide that I had Five Guys on Monday, right?) and try as best I can sto stick with things on the weekend and use up my celebration meals then.

This weekend, on top of it being Easter weekend, my Mr.’s cousin and her husband from Italy are coming in on Saturday, and we’re having a little “party” for them to celebrate them getting married. And if any of you are Italian out there, you know what this means. Food, food and more FOOD. I’m forseeing a meal of pasta, pitolas (which is pretty much fried dough), homemade pizza, with a side of potatos and more carbs. Don’t get my wrong, I love (I mean, really LOVE) the homemade pizza my brother-in-law makes, as well as the pasta (how does everyone make such AMAZING sauce??), but once you’re on the Dukan diet, the thought alone of all this food makes my stomach bloat.

Fingers crossed this weekend will be different!

I know that for Easter brunch on Sunday, my aunt has been forwarned of my Dukan ways, and from what I’ve been hearing Easter “mid-day lunch” at my Mr.’s aunt’s house is supposed to be roast beef, potatos and peas or some combination of the sorts. My sister-in-law will be there and she will help me stick to my gun when it comes to eating properly.

Hopefully I wont be so weak this weekend when faced with all that carbo-liscious stuff and chocolatety goodness otherwise known as Cadbury creme eggs (Oh my goodness I want one RIGHT NOW!!!).

I was weak this morning at work. Look what was on my desk!

I couldn’t help myself…

The only good thing is that I promised Banana Pants the chicken (she’s at home sick right now. She’s upset because they were having an Easter egg hunt at school today, but she’s throwing up and can’t go…), so I MUST NOT EAT IT!!!

Lastly, a couple of updates…

I have some more products in my Etsy shop, please go and visit if you can:

Also, if any of you guys are on Facebook (seriously, who isn’t these days???), I created a FB page for my stuff, some of which isn’t on Etsy, so if you would go and check it out and ‘like’ it, I would appreciate it a hundred times over:

Thanks everyone! I’ll make sure to be back later tonight with my weekly “I Give a Hoot” post. Until then, happy Thursday!


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