Breakfast of champions

I’m excited about my breakfast. Or more so, I’m excited to be able to have breakfast at the kitchen table. I know most people say you should eat before you go to work everyday, but when do said people find the time? If I want the time to do the I would have to wake up at 5:00am and that is not my thing. So I normally eat at work, around 9:30, and that’s only because I suddenly remember I didn’t eat. I get very caught up in the morning at work (my busiest time of day) so breakfast always gets outs aside.

Since I am off work today, Banana Pants and I are eating breakfast together at the table. How good does this look???


I know Dr. Dukan says one serving of fruit at this phase, but it was a small banana and was about five strawberries. Top that off with plain Greek yogurt (0%) and my daily 3tbsp oat bran and that’s a mighty breakfast. Don’t forget my morning coffee. We have a Nepresso machine here at home so the coffee is amazing, and i frothed me some skim milk. Mmmmm. All this will probably keep me full until mid-day… Whenever that is.

The best part about staying home from work and school is the fun that the two of us have together. Banana Pants woke me and Mr. up this morning and I kid you not, she was dressed like this…


Aviator glasses, fascination headband (made by moi), pearl bracelets, purse from her aunt, slippers and a housecoat. Rock on Banana Pants!!!

So far I give Easter break a nine out of ten. It would have been a ten if my dog didn’t wake me up at 6:30 because he needed to pee… But at least he let me go back to sleep after that.

Happy Friday everyone!!!


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