What a wonderful thing to wake up to

I am speechless.

I, as I do most mornings, logged into my Word Press account to check on my blog, and I saw that I just passed 700 views. WOW. I moved my blog over to WP just two months ago, and I never expected to get such a wonderful reception so far.

It’s because of all you readers and followers that I am able to keep on writing. Seeing you all interested in the things I do or the things I have to so warms my heart. So there really is only one thing I could say right now…


I really mean it, you guys are awesome and I appreciate the love you have all shown. There is a ton more to come, I have new Etsy products to release, more books I have to review (almost done Little Bee and recently got my hands on Matched by Ally Condie, super excited to read that one), and there a always tons of hilarious things my daughter says and does that I will have many more posts to come.

So again, thank you all for supporting me and reading my randomness.

Have a great weekend!!!


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