Article: “What Limbaugh, Brown and Modern Family Have in Common”

What Limbaugh, Brown and Modern Family Have in Common.

I just read this article was, in a sense, heartbroken. I really want everyone to take a couple of minutes and read it.

Its so sad for me to think that no matter how far women have come and grown in society, we are still light years away from being “equal”.

I worry about the future for my daughter. Reading an article like this makes me wonder if there is any hope of things changing for when she’s older. If I teach her to be kind, and not judge other women, if I teach her to not take what others say to heart, and above all, if I teach her to love herself unconditionally; will she stand a chance? Can I instil enough in her to make her stronger than myself? There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t worry about her and what lies ahead…

Several months ago I watched the documentary “Miss Representation”, and I spent most of the time crying. It is one of those documentaries that women and men alike should watch. It moved me and made me want to change my way of thinking; though I hate to admit I am not following the movement as much as I would like.I am one of those people who often thinks, “Will it even make a difference?”, so I hesitate. I should make more of a conscious effort to not tolerate that frame of mind.

If the article peaked your interest at all, you should venture through the rest of the site. To me, it’s a step in the right direction.

Here’s hoping…


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