I finally saw her!!

This may not be as exciting for everyone else, but this has made my day! Driving into work today, the roads weren’t as bad as they normally were so I took the opportunity to get a coffee from Timmy’s drive through (yes, I’m lazy like that). The line was short so I got to the window pretty fast, and as the guy hands me my coffee, BOOM!

I saw her!

“Her” as in my main character in my novel. Up until now I’ve known what I wanted her to look like in the sense of her hair color, eye color, physique and all, but I’ve only really ever “felt” her overall appearance. Try as I might I’ve never been able to SEE what she looks like in my mind. She’s been this hazy, out of focus person who no matter how much I attempted, i could never see her face.

But this morning I did! I am beyond excited because seeing her has made my novel more REAL for me now. I got to work and right away I re-read my first chapter and I SAW everything – realized it needed to be changed again because some parts no longer suit my character or the direction i want to go in – and now I have this new found drive to write more.

Now that I have seen her, I feel as if I relate to her more. Like I am able to write about her as a person, and not some character. I know this might all sound weird to some of you, but I’ve always needed to “know” who the people I write about are. When I used to write fan fiction back in the day, it was about boy bands, or about me and my friends and it was easy. Because I knew who these people were, I was able to picture the things I wrote about happening. And with this novel I’ve been trying to write, I’ve never been able to really peg who my person was.

It was incredibly frustrating because all I’ve wanted to do was write about her and her story… But I had no muse, I had nothing but a concept.

But now she showed herself to me (my creative whisper was heard!) and I feel as if I will be able to more freely write about things. This is all very exciting for me.

And on top of this amazing thing happening to me this morning, tonight my little family and I get to go over to my brother-in-law’s house to find out if him and his wife are having a baby boy or girl!

So much excitement for one day, best Wednesday in a long time!

Until tomorrow!!!


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