This weekend has been all about babies and giving birth…

What a weekend… Babies, babies, birth stories and more babies.

On Saturday, my sister, my daughter and I drove out to Ottawa to attend my cousin Michelle’s baby shower. Oh. My. Goodness. It was great! Michelle looks amazing, everyone there was having a great time, the games were awesome (minus the fact that I DIDN’T win anything and that for the poopey diaper game my sister shoved my face in melted chocolate… *insert grumbles*), and the gifts… Oh lordy the gifts! I don’t remember my baby shower very well, it was a kind of blur for me because it was a surprise and I wasn’t expecting it and everything. But Michelle had A LOT of gifts! And the lucky bum got a massage from her cousin Roxanne at one point, that girl is one lucky mother-to-be…

Also at the party, my sister was selling some of her handmade jewelry. Let me tell you guys, she is pretty awesome. She recently opened an Etsy store (Mr Daisy Designs) and and it’s going to do really well. I know it. She’s got so many things she needs to list, because she has so much awesome stuff! She was selling her jewelry to help raise money for Michelle who is parting the ALS walk out in Ottawa in June. This is a cause that is very close to my family in Ottawa’s heart, so if you all have a few minutes, visit Michelle page and there is a video linked that makes you learn a bit as to why she’s doing this:

So my sister was selling her jewelry and she helped Michelle raise over 230.00! Ridiculous! Not only were people supporting a great cause, people were LOVING my sisters work. Seriously. Go see Michelle’s page on her walk, and then go see my sister’s stuff.

I’ll wait here.

You’re back! Alright then…

To continue with the baby/birth theme of the weekend, yesterday my little family and I went to visit our friends Bianca and Matt who recently had a little baby girl. Her name is Sienna and I want to eat her up. She is about “this big” and has the tiniest little fingers and hands and feet and nose that I have seen in a while. At one point when I was holding her she opened her eyes and she made me fall in love with her. It’s amazing how holding a baby – even for just minutes – can make you want another one. But then you look over at your five and a half year old picking her nose, the zipper of her pants down, and shoving chocolate in her mouth and you remember things are perfect like they are.

And in the final “birth” instance, last night when we got home something came over me and I went into an Etsy frenzy and I created five new items that I listed in my shop this morning. Two sets of hair pins, two sets of shoe clips, and hair clip. Maybe all this “new life” I’ve been surrounding myself with filled me with inspiration to “create”. So I did. Here are a few pictures of what I did:

On top of all that today is just plain chalked full of awesome because it’s my very best friend’s 30th birthday (I love you Caroline!) and my parents come home tonight from having left me and my sister to fend for ourselves for six weeks; no, neither of us live at home, but how dare they leave for Arizona for FOREVER?

Seriously. I’m spent. This weekend and today maxed me out on the awesome.

Check back tomorrow to see if I’ve recuperated…

Happy Monday!


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