Starting with an ending

So I have written the end of my novel! The last “scene” is done and finalized (well, for a first draft that is).

However… most of the rest of the book is still up in the air.

I don’t know what it is about my car, but it seems to be the epicenter of my creative thinking and inspiration for my novel. I was driving to work this morning, letting my iPad shuffle through songs instead of listening to the radio for once, and a certain song I love started to play. No, I wont tell you which one, that’s important for me to keep to myself. What I will tell you is the once this song came on, a scene began to play itself out in my head.

My protagonist (the one I recent “met”) and another character are having a conversation, and it felt so right. And once the scene was over, I didn’t feel like there was supposed to be more. It felt like an ending.

Luckily I got to work a bit early today so I was able to write down as much as I possibly could. The second my pencil hit the paper (yes, most of my initial writing is done by hand, NOT on the computer) I couldn’t stop it for five minutes. It scribbled out everything I needed to remember, and then even went further and added in new little bits that came to me spur of the moment.

It’s weird how lately I’ve been filled with inspiration for my writing and my Etsy shop. I wish there was a way to bottle how I feel right now so that I could remember this and feel like this when I’m not centered and creative.

Better ride this wave before it reaches the shore…


2 thoughts on “Starting with an ending

    1. Funny thing about me is that I usually always know how things will end. I somewhat know how things will start and the middle is always up in the air. I have this weird thing where I NEED to know where to end up. Now that I have seen the ending, I know how I’m going to get there, unlike before when I had no idea… Now things are going to get exciting!!

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