Case of the Monday’s #2456

My creative juices came to a screeching halt yesterday and I don’t really know why. I woke up not feeling the same as last week. There were no surges of ideas, of creative energy coursing through me. I almost felt numb to any ideas that might be racing through my mind and body. All day long I wanted to start writing all the ideas that have been scribbled onto loose pieces of paper, but never was able to pull myself to do it.

I played Kingdom Rush and Plants vs Zombies all day on my iPad.

I know. Ridiculously awesome games (“Like a whisper”), but complete time wasters and procrastination tools that I frequent often.

Frustration is what I’m feeling now as a consequence. I am coming to terms with me as a person, in how I work, and I’ve realized that if I don’t stay in the “creating” zone, either with drawing doodles, or jotting down words, or baking, or making something (ANYTHING) that I am going to start to lose my drive. I think my tank was running on empty yesterday and since I didn’t fill it up I woke up feeling less awesome than I did last week.

I think I need to do something creative today to re-fuel my tank. Suggestions? What does everyone do when they need to be motivated or given that little push?

And I know I haven’t been keeping as consistent amount of updates when it comes to the weekends, but it’s hard. Especially this past weekend. I was not feeling well on Friday so I stayed home from work, and ended up working none the less. I made piles and piles of flowers, and I actually completed everything I had started but never finished. I attached my flowers to their respective backings, bobby pins, shoe clips, hair combs, alligator clips, so everything that was “pending completion” is now done. Just waiting to be sold I guess.

I plan on finishing up all the supplies I have this week in anticipation of the new stuff I have coming in. Think feathers, diamonds and pearls. I am very excited for that to arrive, so I want to make my work area pretty cleaned up and prepared.

Also, due to the crappy weather we’ve been having, the natural lighting has pretty much been unacceptable for picture taking, so I can’t redo the pictures I have now on my Etsy site (which I want to definitely fix up) and the photos for my new listings. I’m trying to be more consistent with my uploading of ads, but i slowed down a bit these past few weeks. I promise to get back on the horse!

And it was my best friend’s 30th birthday “mascarade ball” on Saturday so I was busy all day, and the next day was a write off due to being all partied out.

I don’t like feeling like I wasn’t “creatively productive” for a long period of time. I like the high that I get when I create. It’s liberating, encouraging, exhilarating. I think I might be addicted to that sensation, so right now I feel like I’m going through withdrawal symptoms. It’s a strange feeling…

Then again it is Monday and doesn’t everyone feel like this on Mondays?

Until next time! Happy Monday everyone!

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