Who knew that “nothing” would be so inspiring

It never stops amazing me  to see how one word can change an entire idea.

For a long time I’ve known what I wanted my first novel to be about. I have been very attached to this concept; the idea surround everything to do with my characters, their story lines, the overall ending I wanted to achieve. You name it, I believed in it.

And yesterday everything I had once wanted was washed from my mind when I came across this one word.


Not an overall astounding word, but it kind of tugged on me and made me stop my train of thought. I then took to trusty Google and looked for variations and I found a word that made me really sit back and . I said it a couple of times to myself and it rolled off my tongue like it was second nature to say it. And from there I was hit with another word, and then other and next thing you know I’m swimming in them!

I had to stop what I was doing and write my little butt off and suddenly my old story started to disappear, and a new one formed. And this one has a beginning, a middle and an end (it still is the same one I discovered last week). I am shocked that what I once thought would be my inevitable first book, is now nothing but an idea from days gone by. I spent months researching for my old concept, trying to think of how I could incorporate the history/mythology of my idea into my novel. I fell in love with the characters I created, but their storyline never really came to me. The beginning was there, a rough idea of an ending, but how they got there never really came to me. Maybe that’s why it was so hard to write about that…

But now, I have this new concept, and it’s fresh in my mind and wants to be put down into words. I have to run with it because I want to see where this goes. Its very different from what I normally write, so I am a bit hesitant. But I feel as if I could make something out of this one. I just flip flop between it being a YA book, or something a bit more mature. I don’t know. That’s where I think some of my hesitation comes in, because I have been spending so much time considering myself to be a future author of YA literature, that the thought of going outside that genre kind of freaks me out. Grown ups scare me 🙂

I am only having trouble deciding what kind of a world I want this to take place in. The current one, a post-disaster one, or a completely fictitious one. It’s difficult to say, because depending on what I choose my story shifts. I have the basic storyline down on paper, but depending on certain thing, the story weaves a different way. It’s all very exciting but confusing at the same time.

Today is all about “nothing”, tomorrow… Here’s hoping for “something”…

Happy Tuesday everyone!


One thought on “Who knew that “nothing” would be so inspiring

  1. I love reading your posts…makes me feel like the good old days. Hope you continue working out what sounds to be like an amazing story!

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