Feeling the music within…

Music tends to elicit creativity in me. Interpreting lyrics to how I see fit can usually lead to a scene that is played out in my mind. Some people are big on instrumentals or classical music to inspire them. I need lyrics. I need to hear words to have words…

I used to be inspired by boy band music – Everytime I Close My Eyes would be a personal favorite – I could hear one song by the Backstreet Boys and a whole story would flood to my mind (that is, IF I ever wrote about them…). Now it’s not so much an entire story as it is a snippet.

Take my post from last week as an example (insert post name and link), I heard a song and the ending of my novel came to me. I hear lyrics and mini movies come to my mind. It`s that simple. The only thing that not EVERY song I heard does this, and sometimes I could listen to a song a million times and only on the last time do I see something.

Here are a couple of songs that, in the past, have conjured up scenes and `mini movies’ in my mind:

Running up that Hill – Placebo (cover of the Kate Bush song)
Turning Page – Sleeping at Last
Let’s Get Lost – Beck and Bat For Lashes
No Sound But the Wind – Editors
Glycerin – Bush
Baltimore`s Butterflies – Woodkid
Hearing Damage – Thom Yorke
Hide and Seek – Imogen Heap

These are just a few of the LONG list of songs that make me feel, that make me connect, and that inspire me. I was listening to a few of these this morning and more and more ideas are coming to me now. I actually took a notebook that my boyfriend got me for Christmas out last night and started transferring over all my scribbles, doodles and gibberish that I’ve been writing on random pieces of paper. I figure its best to keep everything centralized, no?

I really want to talk about my book. I want you guys to go through this creation process with me and I want you guys to feel how I’m feeling. It just makes me nervous to give away details because 1) who knows if someone will love my idea so much it makes them want to write about the same thing (flattering, but considering how slow I’m writing, that worries me) and 2) If I end up changing ideas AGAIN then everything will be null and void… also number 3) would be that I fear people’s reception to my idea.

Mostly number 3.

Is talking about aspects of ones work BEFORE it’s completed a good or bad thing? I don’t know what other author’s do. I read a lot of author’s blogs – both published and not published authors – and I don’t recall if they’ve done so too often.

I guess I’m just excited about me having found my excitement about writing again. I want to tell everyone I meet “I’m writing again!!!” but I think that would come off as odd for most people. So I’ll continue to keep it to myself… For now…

In other news, I’ve got a ton of new shoe clips and hair pins up and listed on my Etsy site:

By Amanda Leigh – Etsy Shop

Let me know what you guys think… I’m filled with awesomeness again, and that I want to share with everyone.

Happy Wednesday everyone!


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