My lack of world traveling…

In less than a month I will be heading down to NYC for a friend’s 30th birthday. I’ve been looking into things to do and see, and it’s got me thinking of a list of places I haven’t yet been and desperately want to.

For all intensive purposes, let’s say money was no object (which, of course, id not the case AT ALL). Here is a partial list of the places I want to see at one point in my life, in no particular order…

Calgary to visit family and attend the Stampede
Vancouver and see the places the Olympics were held
Prince Edwards Island

In the United States:
Washington DC and all the fix-ins
Boston (I’ve been, but I want to appreciate it more)
Philadelphia (mostly to be one of the thousands who runs up those stairs to the Rocky theme…)
The Alaska-Yukon border
I want to attend Mardi-Gras, but I don’t care for the beads (or how I would go about getting them)
I want to drive down the west coast
A random little town in a random state that no one would ever think of (I’ll probably trow a dart at a map of the US for this one)
I want to go to all the places Guy Fieri has been and eat all that ridiculously amazing food.
And a ton more things I can’t remember…

I want to devour Europe. I never got to do the backpacking thing, and I wish I did.
I want Prague
I want Switzerland
I want Scotland (I REALLY want to go here and find more of my family history…)
I want Ireland
I want Italy
I want to walk up the Acropolis and look at the architecture that started my love of all things Greek and Roman
I want to go to the Louvre and see Winged Victory of Samothrace (I think she will make me cry)
I want to spend a year in Europe and just SEE everything

Then of course there’s these places…
New Zealand
Africa (who doesn’t want to go on a real safari and see an elephant? SERIOUSLY?!?!)

I’ve never been anywhere really. The only time I’ve left the continent is when I went to the Dominican, and before that the only real places I’ve been that were “vacations” was Vegas, Florida, San Fransisco and Arizona.

I feel as if I’ve barely scratched the surface of what this world has to offer. Heck, I have barely seen things in my city, in my province! I don’t want to wake up one day and feel like I haven’t lived. I want my daughter to see the world, I don’t want to limit her that. It’s time for me to make a choice, to actively try and see more places, do more things.

I think my lack of seeing places also is what hinders my writing when it comes to locations. I don’t know many places, and writing about home is weird for me, so I have a tendency to want to write about places that do not exist, because then I can’t go wrong…

Maybe going around and visiting new places is just what I need to do to gain some real life experiences and add them to my writing. Hmmm… I might be on to something here.

First stop, New York City. Next stop, The world!!

Happy Thursday everyone!!


3 thoughts on “My lack of world traveling…

      1. I loved the area outside of London, near Windsor castle, around surrey, oxford and cambridge. Definitely worth a few days. Otherwise looks like a pretty great list!

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