There are no words

Today is one of those days where I am not feeling “the words”. I am not being spoken to by them, I am not sensing their presence, and they are just nowhere to be found.
This is proving difficult for me because I have been filled with a constant flow of them this whole week. My notebook is getting quite full with ideas and concepts, character breakdowns, scenes and even full blow paragraphs. But I woke up this morning and felt off.
I have a pretty typical routine that I have from the moment I wake up until the moment I leave. I find myself constantly checking my phone (I do not own a watch) to make sure I am adhering to my “time goals” (do know that I am normally not so time crazy, only in the mornings). This morning, I was off. I couldn’t get into stride at all.
Then when I opened the front door to head to work, I was hit with an unwanted (but expected) sight. Snow, light snow kind of like in the movies, but it was snow none-the-less. I know that where I live this happens. We get days or weeks of gorgeous weather, and then we’re hit with snow. It’s nothing new to me. But after having such an inspiring week, the snow took me aback.
And since then I don’t have words.
Even writing this blog post feels difficult. I find it slightly amusing how whenever I get inspired, or am hit with waves of creativity I always manage to hit a lull. This would be such a moment. Normally once I hit one of these lulls I have a tendency to just give up. Quit whatever it is that I was fueled to do and never look back. I do know that if I give in to that habitual reaction of mine that I will probably stop blogging, stop creating, stop being proactive with everything I’ve been working so hard on.
These are the moments I fear most. The times when I have nothing, when I feel as if I can’t fill the void, cover the canvas… I need to put myself in a different zone right now and just move past this.
How do you others out there get through times like these? Perhaps some “words of wisdom” would help to rekindle what I feel that I’m losing grip with?
I believe I have to break out of the old routine and try something different. I usually don’t blog on the weekends because they are always filled with something. I think that if I try and make a more conscious decision to write at least once during the weekend that I might be able to break the old and start anew.
I really want to get my drive back because I went to bed last night with this amazing image of my two main characters last night. Not to give anything away, but they were standing near the edge of a cliff, looking out into a vast expanse of green. In the distance are a few towers, which is the main city, and below them is smoke. They stood staring, her at out the city, him at his right hand which was holding on to her left. Maybe it doesn’t seem amazing right now, well, to me it does because I know what this scene means in the overall scheme of my novel.
But I woke up this morning that was it. I can’t find the words to describe where I want that scene to be. I can’t formulate any kind of coherent thought.
Bah. Maybe I let the quote of Desiderius Erasmus get to me; “The desire to write grows with writing.”
Maybe I just need a day to recharge by battery.


2 thoughts on “There are no words

  1. Hey! Longtime reader, first time poster 🙂
    Here’s an easy way to get out of the woods. Remember Mrs. Goulet’s swooshes (or were they swishes?). For me, they’ve always been a great way to get stuff on paper and eventually unblock the mental logjam in my head. Doesn’t even matter what the topic is. It can be anything from why Pavel Bure was the most exciting hockey player ever to “10 reasons why Peeta actually could of won”. The key is to just write. And don’t stick to the lines! They’re too restrictive. Let loose!
    And for the record, that scene feels powerful. Keep going with it!

    1. Oh my goodness I forgot about those (and I think they were called swishes..??)! I think I will definitely give that a try! Just to clear the brain…

      And maybe I’ll do it about suggestion number two. Because how awesome would it have been if he won? *sigh*

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