From good to bad and back to good…

Today was supposed to be awesome. Insurgent came out this morning (I stayed up until midnight to make sure I downloaded it right away from iBooks) so nothing was supposed to go wrong. But wow… Good went bad in all of a few hours…

Do you ever get up in the morning, feeling awesome, and then either get to work or hear something or find something else, and you get hit with (insert whatever it is that isn’t awesome) and then you’re feeling 100% not-awesome?

That happened to me just this morning. Woke up, did my usual morning routine, made my lunch (favorite meal of the moment? Omelets stuffed with tomatoes and spinach. delish!!), got dressed, fixed my face etc… Then as I headed in to work I sang at the top of my lungs to my current favorites on my iPad and I smiled at everyone I passed in the halls.

I get to my desk and my world kind of imploded. Doesn’t matter what it was, just matters that it made me slump in my seat, and then rehashed old wounds, opened them up and rubbed a bit of salt in them.

Ego = bruised

I text my best friend and vented. Text my sister, text my other long time friend, vented my little heart out. Anger built up, then tears, then anger, then more almost tears, more slumping, more texts, repeat, repeat, repeat.

As I’m about to get up and head to the washroom to really let out some tears, I get two emails on my phone, both of which are WordPress blog posts. And both of them saved my day from being horrible…

A Message From our Creator

Everything is gonna be alright 🙂

I re-read both of these posts, and was able to breathe a little lighter. It was as if someone could hear my pain, and came to help me move past it. Then I was able to take a step back and I continued talking with my other long time friend and she brought me back down too. Then we proceeded to make ourselves laugh so much I almost had to go to the washroom to giggle out loud.

Then an hour or so afterwards I get another WordPress blog post sent to my email and it had me cracking up.


So thank you to WordPress for having such an amazing bunch of bloggers in the community, and very special thanks to LadyRomp, Smiles and Happiness and Laura Lee Anderson for each making my day a little bit better. I owe you one…

Happy “Insurgent” day slash Happy Tuesday everyone!


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