A “healthy” discussion…

I want to take a break from talking about things that I like to made, things that inspire me, and go back to talking about my journey to becoming a healthier person. It’s been a while since I updated everyone on my “New Year, New You (aka ME!!)” project.

As you all know I have been on the Dukan diet since the beginning of the year. Wait. Let me re-phrase that. I DID the Dukan diet at the beginning of the year, and since I reached my goal weight have stopped.

Hold on!

Don’t worry!

I didn’t fall off the wagon, so please refrain from commenting until I’m done explaining myself!!

Since I reached my goal weight, I made a conscious decision to CONTINUE to eat healthy. I have looked into many different ways of eating – paleo, clean eating, I even looked into vegetarian and vegan – but nothing REALLY called out to me. So I figured to not stray from what I’ve grown accustomed to since doing the Dukan.

My breakfast still consists of Greek yogurt (I am seriously addicted…), but now instead of using oat bran every day, I change it up. I put in berries, or nuts, or combos of the two. Sometimes if I’m feel like treating myself I put some maple syrup in there (the REAL stuff. So. Friggen. Good.). I try not to over do it at breakfast because I find that I end up with an upset stomach if I go all out. I do have a coffee, but I never use milk in it and I am still using stevia as a sweetener, though I want to give agave a try. Anyone able to give me some suggestions?

I always pack a lunch for work, mostly so I am never tempted to go out and buy something or hit up the vending machine. I like making my lunch in the morning because I like it to be still warm when I eat it (I don’t like microwaving food at work) and because I’ve scheduled making it into my morning routine. Lunch is always protein and veggies. Lately I’ve fallen in love with the omelet again (two eggs and extra egg whites as I see fit). I love adding in tomatoes and spinach, and this morning I upped the ante and added mushrooms. I know. It’s getting crazy up in here!

Then I always pack snacks that are usually a small fruit, veggies and a fat-free jello. I love those little buggers so much. I used to make them myself and put them in the little tupperwears, but Walmart sells the 6 pack so cheap now I just buy a bunch and load them into my fridge. For me, they really ease that sugar fix I have in the afternoon.

For dinner it really depends on how I’m feeling. It could range from Dukan gallettes (I add in tiny cubes of ham to the batter and then spread Laughing Cow cheese on top of the finished pancake. Ridiculous.) to a salad (bahahaha, RARELY) to more protein and veggies to a pizza. Yes, a pizza. Sometimes a girl just wants to eat something that’s not good for her. Don’t judge. I know you’ve been there too.

Doing the Dukan diet made me realize that food that is good for you doesn’t have to suck. Over the years, grocery stores have made it easier for us to just buy processed foods. They sell the above mentioned pizzas 3 for 10.00. That’s a hard deal to pass up when you think about how long it would take you to make your own that is filled with awesomeness, and it will probably cost more. Over the course of the past few months I have learned that I don’t need refined carbs and sugars in my diet to eat tasty foods. I would have never said that six months ago.

I have learned that the food choices you make really do matter. I took out bad carbs and bad sugars from my diet and I saw results. Now I am at the stage where I need to incorporate some real exercise. I don’t like gyms so what are some good things I could do? Anyone have routines that they do at home they wouldn’t mind sharing?

Wow… I totally got carried away with all that, I only planned on writing a small bit. I hope I don’t sound like I’m preaching. Its not my intentions to do so. I just wanted to give you guys a bit of a insight on how far (I feel) I’ve come since the beginning of the year.

I promise my next post will be back to my usual ramblings and whatnot.


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