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I apologize for my absence the past few days everyone. As always, the weekend was here, so blogging during the weekend rarely happens as we all know. I think I might change up my format for blogging on the weekends and perhaps post pictures of small quote or something. Just to keep things interesting 🙂 Maybe “the Week in Review” but through pictures or something. Interesting thought… And on top of that, yesterday I was home with my daughter, as she was sick. Never a dull moment in my life.

However, my weekend was far from quiet. When I wasn’t busy celebrating more birthdays (I know, all my friends are turning 30 right now. This is a BIG year for us all!), I was busy creating flower after flower. I recently got a large order (which I will discuss once it is 100% completed) which is taking up much of my free time. I am in the home stretch right now (which always excites me), which means I am adding on the beads and the backings. I am very excited to show you guys this, because it’s the first time I tried these types of flowers and they are FANTASTIC!

Also, I’ve come up with a concept (through Googling for ideas and then tweaking to my personal preferences) to display these, and all my future “events” I attend. I am currently searching for vintage looking picture frames. I saw this idea online last week where someone had taken just a picture frame, and they attached columns of ribbons going from the top of the frame to the bottom. Here is the picture from the site, as well as a link to the original blog post:

Zween - a blog about making and sharing
Zween – a blog about making and sharing

Zween – a blog about making and sharing

I will be doing something similar to this, but I am right now going through this “vintage” phase and want to use frames that are ornate and then make them look distressed and I want to attach the ribbons on the backside of the frame to not take away from the designing. I’m still in the designing phase of this idea, but I promise to show pictures once it comes into effect!

On another note, but sticking to the “creative” side of things, I have discovered two things when it comes to my writing.

1) I do not enjoy typing my ideas on anything but a PC keyboard. The Mac ones just don’t cut it for me. Neither does typing things up on an iPad. I need that sensation of pushing down on a button and getting that small ‘click’ feeling. this could also be why I rarely write blog posts on the weekend because I have an iMac at home and I don’t like typing on the keyboard for long periods of time. I have become so accustomed to my keyboard at work (we have had a relationship for 8 hours a day, five days a week for almost 5 years now…) that my blog posts are much easier typed there. Which is why I devote my lunch hour to doing so. If I don’t manage to get it in then there is a good chance I am not going to do it at all.

2) I need to write out all my ideas and words by hand first, or at least a good chunk of it. I have tried typing up ideas and whatnot directly into a document, but no good. I need to see my writing for some reason. I don’t have to have a whole chapter written out by hand, but I do need a good part of it to be written. It’s almost a cathartic experience for me to write things out. A lot of times if I’m going to write an email of importance (non-work related) I always write it out first. Maybe its nothing more than the fact that I like that way my handwriting looks. But it could just be how I operate. Maybe once I get down to some serious writing periods I will change this, but for the time being I am happy with jotting things down a la ink.

And to add to my craziness right now tonight I have to (well, WANT TO is the correct term) bake a little something for my work breakfast tomorrow morning. Banana bread has been done already (and it’s my specialty) so I’m going with cinnamon buns. But no worries, not the extravagant must rise 138732 times type buns, more so the non-yeast kind that people will just have to love or else. I was considering doing a gluten free, sugar free version (I DO have a recipe for that if you can believe it) but I felt like no one would be won over by my awesomeness.

Let’s all hope that I don’t spontaneously explode over the next few days. Lots to do, not a lot of time to do it in.

Fingers crossed!!


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