“The task of a writer consists of being able to make something out of an idea.” -Thomas Mann

So I woke up this morning more sick than I’ve been all week. Sinus pain. Stuffed up nose (so hard to drink coffee right now without choking for lack of air), but it keeps dripping and no amount of Kleenex seems to be enough. Super sore throat. Glassy eyes. But I’m in a great mood none the less. Why? Well, I will tell you…

Yesterday blew my mind.

I don’t know what came over me, but I was inspired to write. Not just jot down ideas and a sentence here and there, but full out write. Words were spewing out of me and before I knew, boom, 2000 words.

What the???

I do not remember the last time I wrote that many words in a sitting, other than when I send update emails to my dear friends Sarah (I must get on that!). I do write often enough, but nothing is ever a large chunk. Nothing more than a small scene from my mind, a sentence I want to have said, or notes, notes and more notes.  I was quite shocked, because I just typed away and when I stopped, the word count made my mouth drop.

Wait, let me re-phrase that.

I fear word counts. I feel like they are way to overbearing and that they mock me. So I normally always write in the good old Notepad first, and once I’m done I Ctrl+C, Alt+Tab to Word, Ctrl+V (keyboard shortcuts are my thing. A mouse only slows me down. Don’t even get me started on my Excel shortcuts people…) and then I look down at the word count.

2359 words EXACTLY! Who in the what now?

I’m still kind of reeling from that. And I know a lot of you who follow my blog are writers and you’re probably scoffing at me for my little word count, but it’s been a long time since I’ve had enough motivation to write such a big chunk AT ONE TIME. I have written oodles of things, oodles of times. I just can’t find much time to stick my butt uninterrupted on a chair. So after that, I wrote a little “2359” in my agenda as a reminder that on May 10th, I total rocked.

Also, last night I finally got to see one of my birthday presents! Yes, my birthday WAS in December, but some of my friends bought me tickets to see a hometown comedian – Sugar Sammy (check out his website. http://www.sugarsammy.com/ better yet, check out some of his videos on his YouTube page: http://www.youtube.com/sugarsammy – Awesome).

Alright… Here comes my inner teenager…


He was hilarious. I was crying tears of hilarity. I woke up this morning to sore abs because I was laughing so much (and lets be serious, who knows when the last time my abs hurt from ANYTHING).

He’s been doing this first ever bilingual show here in Montreal in both our official language; French and English.  This man kills it. He is so seamless in both languages, hilarious beyond words. He was so amazing that I (almost) forgot the the woman in the seat in front of me had her jacket thrown over the back of her chair so much that it covered my lap (seriously, wtf??).

Sugar Sammy was s on point, nothing phased him. Not really any hecklers, but he got people from the audience involved and he was so quick, so witty. Always had something to say. And from the people he spoke to, he found direction to go into with the show. I assume he had a set list of things he was going to say, but he was awesome at linking people in the front row to jokes he had in his repertoire.

I would go see the show again in a heartbeat. Thanks a million times over my girls, I love yous!!

And today is Friday and the weather is getting nicer for the weekend. Tomorrow we finally bury my grandmother, my Nana, and ever since my last blog post about her, I feel good. I miss her still so much, but the blog post helped to lift my spirits and I haven’t cried once since I wrote it. So I’m going in to tomorrow with my head held high, and with my heart not as heavy as it was.

So like yesterday, today feels like a good days too. fingers crossed more writing will flow!!!

Happy Friday everyone! Enjoy the weekend!!!


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