Beautiful, don’t you know??

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness… My little blog that’s grown over the past four months has been nominated for an award! The Beautiful Blogger award! And by none other than Laura Lee Anderson herself. Not only did she nominate my blog, but I completely adore her (and how could you not? Seriously, go read her blog. NOW!)! Seriously, what a friggen awesome day.

The rules of the nomination are simple. I have to tell seven things about myself and then nominate seven blogs (only seven?!?)  and let them know of their nominations. Alright, here goes!

Seven things about myself…

  1. I am 100% unable to watch ANYONE brush their teeth. It is more horrible to me than anything I can think of. I almost had to walk out The Devil Wears Prada because in the opening scene Anne Hathaway is brushing hers. I almost puked.
  2. I used to have aspirations of being the curator of a museum. I have a passion for art history, mainly anything ancient Greek or Roman.
  3. My dogs full name is Milton Bradley Monopoly Board Shoe Token, and my cats full name is King Bowser Fancypants the Third, but we call them Milton and Bowser respectively.
  4. I sing incredibly loud when I’m alone in my car.
  5. I am the best dancer at weddings, ask any of my friends. I will usually always win a dance off. The one time I lost was to my friend Junior when we both went to do the worm but my strapless dress started to slip off and instead of winning, I chose my dignity.
  6. I cut my own bangs ONCE in high school. And I have curly hair. And I had NO idea how to straighten it. It was a nightmare for months. And I have pictures to prove it.
  7. I would never want to move from Montreal because it is seriously one of the best cities in the entire world and is filled with so much diversity and awesomeness. Plus I love my family and friends WAY too much to leave them.

So those would be seven awesome things about me, and now here are seven awesome blogs that I think deserve nominations:

  1. Emmie Mears – Saving the world from brooding, one self-actualized vampire at a time.
  2. le zoe musings. – Love to Create. Live to inspire.
  3. iliketheworldfuzzy – adventures of the little blind girl
  4. Vicky… The Northern Chicky – Wacky Diary of Adventures Moving to Myrtle Beach (or Cape Cod) with 5 Kids!
  5. LadyRomp – Inspirational Blog For The Empowerment Of Women
  6. cancerkillingrecipe
  7. Ella Ella L’A

Hurray my nominees! I love your blogs very much so please keep up the good work!

Happy Wednesday everyone!


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