11894 is a mighty fine number if I do say so myself…

I met my goal for today. I wanted to write 2.5K and I did that and a bit more! My grand total of words is 11,894 right now, but I wish I could write all day long! Of course I have duties at my job and at home, so I ca only write at certain times, but all I want to do right now is write! My entire novel is up in my head right now screaming at me (seriously, my main guy character is upset that I haven’t written him in yet. He’s getting a bit annoying :)).

Seriously. I’ve been writing up a storm people, A STORM I TELL YOU!! I can’t seem to stop the words form flowing right now. It a sensation I’ve been missing. I always have ideas and scenes and things flying through my head, but for me to sit down and write for long periods… It’s been a while.

I don’t know what it is lately, but my words are finding their way back to my fingertips and onto my keyboard. It’s a really nice feeling. And I’m getting  bit more adjusted to my keyboard at home rather than the one at work, so now I can go back to reading on my lunch hour rather than writing (but I’ll probably still write… It’s hard to shake this awesome feeling).

Ever since I transferred my blog from its original home to WordPress I have met so many inspiring people, so many striving writers. They’ve instilled a drive in me, and I will be forever grateful. I can’t thank them enough…

I would be writing more right now, but I have taken a break from making a few new products in my hair and shoe accessory stuff. My sister and I are going to be applying to a DIY expo (deadline is tomorrow night, midnight!!) and I want to have a lot of different things to show. We can only send them up to five pictures, so I have to try and cram in as much stuff (but GOOD stuff) as I can into the picture, with a nice layout and I’m having a hard time deciding! My sister is doing jewelry, I’m doing my stuff. Only 90 vendors get chosen so fingers crossed people!

And to top off all this awesomeness this weekend I am heading to NYC to celebrate my friend’s 30th birthday. I probably won’t get much of a chance to blog, but I am going to try and at least post some awesome pictures and I plan on tweeting a lot (Twitter is my homeboy people) so if you follow me on that you’ll et more pictures for sure.

Alright folks, I’ve got to get bad to my stuff. What a crazy week this has been!!

Lastly, my goal for tomorrow… Another 2.5K, hitting 14,500 would be an even sweeter way to end my week. Then I’ll print that out and maybe do a bit of a run-through on the way to NYC. Long drive folks… Or maybe I’ll write more… Or maybe I’ll sleep… Bah, I’ll figure that out for tomorrow.

Oh yeah, and I’ve got to pack. Double bah.

Happy Thursday everyone!!!


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